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BrandLancôme L'Absolu Gloss Sheer

Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss Sheer


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Lancôme L'Absolu Gloss Sheer
Lancôme L’Absolu Gloss Sheer

Lancôme l’Absolu Gloss Sheer, for a glossy-glossy effect on your lips!

Since 1935, the Lancôme brand has sublimated women by offering them perfumes, skincare products and cosmetics of the highest levels. After working with François Coty, Armand Petitjean decides to create a French brand. For the name, he wants “something” that rhymes with Vendôme… So it will be Lancôme! In 3 months, he released 5 perfumes. In 6 months, the Lancôme brand was marketed in 31 countries. The first “Rose de France” lipstick, which turned out to be against current fashion, was a huge success. Today, Lancôme presents the Absolu Gloss Sheer.

Lancôme offers dazzling colors with its Absolu Gloss Sheer

Absolu Gloss Sheer offers sparkling colors for a pearly and ultra glossy finish. Thanks to its non-sticky formula enriched with mother-of-pearl, your Lancôme Gloss colors your lips completely transparently, with an intense shine. Its hydrating base helps to hydrate your lips throughout the day. The result ? Shiny, irresistible and plump lips for 12 hours. For plumped lips, it is recommended to prepare your lips with the Rosy base and then apply your Absolu Gloss Sheer from Lancôme. It is available in 4 ultra trendy dazzling shades.

Absolu Gloss Sheer, the gloss is making its big “come back”

If the gloss was on everyone’s lips in the 90s, it gradually fell into disuse for thicker, more matte formulas. Today, gloss is making its big “come back” . Praised for its shine and the effect it brings to the lips, the gloss is back in fashion! The stars were the first to reclaim it. Of course, the brands have revisited its formula and we discover a volume booster gloss at Dior or a lip varnish gloss at Yves Saint Laurent. With their moisturizing, long-lasting or even skincare formula, the new glosses are invading catwalks and handbags!

In order to have hydrated and plumped lips, Lancôme presents its Absolu Gloss Sheer. Sparkling colors for a pearly finish that last all day. With its range of Absolu gloss, Lancôme is making a big comeback in gloss.

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