BrandCandy Gloss the new Prada perfume

Candy Gloss the new Prada perfume


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Candy Gloss the new Prada perfume
Candy Gloss the new Prada perfume

Prada Candy Gloss, when a touch of gourmet shine comes to the perfume department

Enriched in skincare, more chic and less sticky than in the past, gloss is now making a big comeback. This lip gloss is no longer just for young girls. Moreover, he proudly appears on the highest catwalks on the planet and is currently very often talked about. So, as if to surf on its trend, Prada decided to dedicate a perfume to it. The brand has just announced the reinterpretation of its iconic Candy fragrance in the form of Candy Gloss. Madly feminine, gourmet and tangy, this one already promises to embellish your summer.

Prada Candy Gloss, a colorful treat

Just like its predecessor, the new Prada Candy Gloss is a kind of playful candy. Thus, its seductive aspect is displayed on all sides, whether through its bottle or its fragrance. Everything immediately takes us into a whirlwind of mischief. Prada Candy Gloss and thought like an explosion of optimism. He gives us the image of a current, excessive and passionate woman. This fragrance is a compendium of pure pleasure, coated with charm and generosity. He is an incentive to live his life boldly. So, what are you waiting for to dare to sport a radiant gloss?

Prada’s new gourmet recipe

To make this new perfume, Prada again called on the perfumer Daniela Andrier.. Indeed, it is she who had already made the previous Prada Candy, in 2011. Passionate about smells since her childhood, she likes above all to arouse emotions when she creates. She also says she is fascinated by perfumes that can take us back to childhood. Now, this is precisely what it is about in Prada Candy Gloss. This essence has a little childish side while associating it with more sensuality than before. In this case, its scent opens with a fruity and juicy smell of cherry. Then, everything lights up in his heart. Prada Candy Gloss is bursting with orange blossom, a Mediterranean plant known to be very sunny. Thus, by illuminating the whole of this perfume, it is evocative of the shine of a gloss. Gluttony then gradually gains the basis of this perfume. This combines a sweet vanilla with an almond filled with tenderness. Finally, the musk finished sublimating the whole with an almost animal sensuality.

The pink and daring look of Prada Candy Gloss

The Prada Candy Gloss visual then strongly resembles that of its predecessor. This has a cylindrical glass bottle. Stretched towards the sky, the latter is surmounted by a half-moon point. On the other hand, the entirety of this container has exchanged its different colors for an entirely pink lacquering. Prada Candy Gloss thus displays its share of femininity more than ever. Only the golden details of its predecessor have been preserved, like its name or its pomp. Everything is thus very current, particularly elegant but also embroidered with carelessness.

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