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BrandZadig & Voltaire Tome 1 perfume: Purity

Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 perfume: Purity


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Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 perfume: Purity
Zadig & Voltaire Tome 1 perfume: Purity

Zadig & Voltaire presents its Volume 1 called La Purity

The Zadig & Voltaire brand is famous for its rock ‘n’ roll side but chic at the same time. Most of the time, his perfumery is characterized by very charismatic perfumes contained in very refined bottles. Today, Zadig & Voltaire has nevertheless decided to offer us a more intimate fragrance. Its comfortable and endearing scent is called La Purity and is part of a collection of three androgynous fragrances. Numbered in volumes 1 to 3, these perfumes are already eagerly awaited by the public. The name of Volume 2 is L’Esprit Libre . Decryption of an announced success.

The unisex and milky scent of La Purity Zadig & Voltaire

La Purity is a fragrance with a very nurturing inspiration. It is at the same time enveloping, tender and woody and in this sense evokes the maternal scent. This gives it a very reassuring side. It brings instant sensuality to the skin and plunges us into an addictive tenderness that is familiar. Tome 1 La Purity delivers the scent of almond milk with a hint of patchouli. Thus, it is a tender fragrance but not devoid of the iconic rock ‘n’ roll spirit of Zadig & Voltaire. From then on, the charm operates. Purity sets off on a fresh and bitter breath of bergamot, a small fruit from the cross between sour orange and lemon. Patchouli and milk take center stage in this scent. Its base, meanwhile, is ultimately wrapped in sandalwood.

Zadig & Voltaire’s minimalist bottle

As always, Zadig & Voltaire has opted for a very minimalist bottle. Like its predecessors, it is entirely lacquered in white and displays very sober writing in a black color. Beyond this purified very design side, the idea was to evoke through it the image of a book and more exactly of an encyclopedia or a dictionary. Thus, the name of this perfume is presented to us like a definition in this kind of work. What’s more, the effect is further enhanced by the packaging of this perfume, which looks like a book contained in a cardboard box. Therefore, the three volumes of the new Zadig & Voltaire collection can be brought together to form a visual similar to that of an encyclopedia in several volumes.

A fragrance very inspired by its predecessors

If this is indeed an original composition, know that L a Purity is very inspired by previous compositions by Zadig & Voltaire . The brand has dreamed for a very long time to shine in the field of perfumery. Thus, Thierry Gillier, founder of Zadig & Voltaire, decided to make a first perfume called Patchou’Lait. As its name suggests, it was already a composition based on milk and patchouli. However, this confidential fragrance only met with mixed success.

Later, in 2012, Zadig & Voltaire decided to repeat the experience by aiming further. Thus, she created two complementary compositions, one being feminine and the other masculine, both named Tome 1. Well, it is precisely in the same line of these previous compositions that La Purity of 2017 is inscribed. is just a more successful version of its predecessors.

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