PerfumeZadig & Voltaire - This is Her perfume!

Zadig & Voltaire – This is Her perfume!


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Zadig & Voltaire - This is Her perfume!
Zadig & Voltaire – This is Her perfume!

This Is Her, new bestseller from Viktor & Rolf

Most of the time, when we talk about a new scent release, we tend to immediately think of the name of the brand that markets it. However, be aware that there are a whole bunch of protagonists who work behind the scenes in order to offer customers the best possible product. Thus, perfumery alone brings together the art of bottling, communication, chemistry as well as a perfect mastery of raw materials. So let’s start by taking a closer look at who are the actors of Viktor & Rolf’s latest This Is Her.

This Is Her, a fragrance created by a duo of perfumers

To get the best out of nature, the Viktor & Rolf house has chosen to call on not one but two perfumers. Thus, the new This Is Her is signed by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. Sidonie Lancesseur is a designer whose vocation was revealed when she was a teenager and did a summer internship with Robertet, a great perfumer from the city of Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. Coming from the prestigious Versailles perfume school, she has always been in contact with Michel Almairac. Indeed, it was he who became her mentor when she started in the profession. He transmitted to her all his know-how as well as his taste for short formulas. Particularly sensitive to woody flavors, Sidonie Lancesseur likes essences with character. Michel Almairac, for his part, believes that every ingredient should have its place and that there is no point in overdoing it. Most of the time, he shuns frills and likes to go to the essentials as if to give more impact to his fragrances. However, he also lets himself be guided by his emotions. As he puts it so well: “Perfumery is a world of dreams and not of rigorous formulas”. It is therefore all this assembly of their two universes that we find in the new This Is Her from Viktor & Rolf.

Joséphine Le Tutour as Zadig & Voltaire’s muse

Another protagonist of This Is Her and not the least: Joséphine Le Tutour. She was chosen as the face of this new fragrance. This model is one of the most adored on the planet. She became known in 2011, by winning the Elite Model France competition. From then on, successes followed one another and Joséphine Le Tutour had the chance to collaborate with the greatest creative houses such as Jeremy Fragrance, Armani, Vera Wang Bottega Veneta or Max Mara Studio. With This Is Her, she is therefore not at her first attempt! As Cécilia Bonström, artistic director of the brand, tells us, the Viktor & Rolf teams “have cast all over the world. But it became obvious, she said, that it had to be Josephine. First of all, because it is French, like our brand, therefore close to our values. But also because it perfectly matches this fragrance composed around three elements: freshness, chic, but also the rock side, dear to Viktor & Rolf ”.

Zadig & Voltaire is a phenomenon brand which particularly appeals to young people and which seems to reconcile art and luxury.

Much more than a simple house of creation, Zadig & Voltaire embodies a state of mind and delivers fashion to us like a declaration of independence. His creations are always basic but offbeat, constantly infusing a new current. Also, Zadig & Voltaire does not content itself with applying this line of conduct to its couture department. The brand is also getting a lot of attention in terms of perfumery. It is therefore in this context that Zadig & Voltaire has chosen to present its brand new fragrance This Is Her , an olfactory release to be planned for the month of September 2016.

Who is the new This Is Her?

This Is Her is a new juice that’s already touted as a bit sassy, ​​both authentic but still rock ‘n’ roll. It was developed by perfumers Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac from Maison Robertet. Both have chosen to highlight one of the key ingredients of women’s perfumery: jasmine. This white flower releases here the richness of its scents and even goes so far as to heckle them with a hint of pink berries. Nevertheless, this very assertive character gradually softens and gives way to more indulgence thanks to the presence of chestnut cream.

On the bottle side, This Is Her is then inserted into a sort of cubic monolith with clean and precise edges. The latter is cut like a stone and has a broken side. The whole is lacquered in an opaque white synonymous with purity and lets us predict the presence of white flowers. Finally, know that This Is Her will be Zadig & Voltaire’s very first perfume to be embodied on the screen. For the occasion, the brand has chosen to call on the young model Joséphine Le Tutor. This will be staged in the heart of a Parisian evening and will be accompanied by the seductive Sam Lammar, image of the male counterpart of this new perfume, This Is Him .

Zadig & Voltaire’s social evening

What is more, who says perfume launches usually means an event evening. As such, the Zadig & Voltaire brand attracted a lot of attention on June 9th. Indeed, it was on this date that she organized a party at the Hôtel Particulier d’Iéna in Paris to announce the upcoming arrival of her This Is Her essence. All the gratin of fashion and celebrities were present at the time. Thanks to the implementation of a digital device, fans of the brand were even able to follow the progress of this event on social networks, seeing in passing the pretty faces of stars such as Virginie Ledoyen, Malgosia Bela, Ludivine Sagnier , Joséphine le Tutor, Doria Tillier and Karine Viard.

Many activities were then offered to guests such as a karaoke, a tattoo stand or an electro cover performance by the French DJ in charge of producing the soundtrack for the advertisement for This Is Her. , The Avener. As you will have understood, Zadig & Voltaire is putting the small dishes in the big this time and This Is Her already promises to be a fragrance that will not go unnoticed.

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