PerfumeZadig & Voltaire puts glitter in your perfume with...

Zadig & Voltaire puts glitter in your perfume with Girls Can Be Crazy


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Zadig & Voltaire puts glitter in your perfume
Zadig & Voltaire puts glitter in your perfume

Girls Can Be Crazy, a wind of madness is blowing at Zadig & Voltaire!

Since its creation, the Zadig & Voltaire house has had an avant-garde eye on the world of fashion and perfumery. The brand creates a wave of freedom and eccentricity in the very compartmentalized world of luxury. As such, Zadig & Voltaire is one of the top-of-the-range brands preferred by the younger generation. However, it is precisely on this grain of madness that Zadig & Voltaire is surfing this time for the design of its new perfume. Named Girls Can Be Crazy, it intends to reveal all the freedom that lies dormant in every woman!

Girls Can Be Crazy, the scent of a free and playful woman

Girls Can Be Crazy by Zadig & Voltaire is part of an olfactory collection, which already includes two previous references. In this case, it all started with Girls Can Do Anything in 2018, quickly followed by Girls Can Say Anything in 2019. So if women can say and do whatever they want, why can’t they put some madness in their daily life? It is from this idea that the new Girls Can Be Crazy was born! Colorful, he advocates emancipation and does not care what will be said. The one who wears this perfume likes to distinguish herself by her daring. Madness on a daily basis does not scare him. She’s a bit “crazy” and claims it loud and clear!

Girls Can Be Crazy offers herself a glittery bottle

Like its predecessors, Girls Can Be Crazy comes in a bottle shaped like a water bottle. The idea is daring and original, for a modern and refined effect fully assumed by the brand. Girls Can Be Crazy thus displays an uninhibited and totally relaxed style. All round, the bottle of Girls Can Be Crazy offers a perfect grip. This time, he is betting more than ever on a very feminine pink color. Moreover, its chrome cap is now tinted with a rose gold color lacquering, perfectly matched to its new spangled belt.

Zadig & Voltaire dares a Coca-Cola accord in its perfume

Therefore, we can’t wait to unscrew the cap of this little bottle to discover its scent. Here again, the madness is more than ever at the rendezvous! Girls Can Be Crazy by Zadig & Voltaire begins with a scent that is unexpected to say the least. The perfumer in charge of its creation, Quentin Bisch, dares to start his recipe with a Coca-Cola accord, accompanied by a green and juicy pear. Then, the heart of Zadig & Voltaire’s Girls Can Be Crazy becomes more feminine, illuminating with jasmine. The tonka bean amplifies the greedy and amended side of this essence, further rounded by the presence of sandalwood. Girls Can Be Crazy ends with a more persistent and woody scent of patchouli, whose sensuality is enhanced by musk and vanilla.

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