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BrandDiorYves Saint-Laurent Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon

Yves Saint-Laurent Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon


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Yves Saint-Laurent Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon
Yves Saint-Laurent Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon

Yves Saint-Laurent’s Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon, an ally to enhance your look whatever the circumstances

Women are fascinating creatures who have many assets in their possession to capsize men’s hearts. Nevertheless, many men confide that the gaze has unparalleled power. The eyes are one of the first things they look at in someone else. And for good reason: don’t we say that they are revealing of our soul? As you will have understood, knowing how to enhance one’s gaze is an undeniable asset of charm. For this, many solutions are available to you. However, if you are short on time, know that a simple stroke of a pencil can wreak havoc. It is therefore precisely for this purpose that the Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon was designed.. Colorful, tender, intense and infallible, it promises to magnify your eyes, and to structure your face in all circumstances.

The many advantages of the Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon

Yves Saint-Laurent’s Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon has more than one trick up its sleeve. On the one hand, know that it comes in six different intense colors. Very pigmented, each of them instantly sublimates the eyes while displaying more or less eccentricity. If you are more of the classic type, brown, taupe or black will make you happy. On the other hand, for more extravagance, why not try sapphire blue or emerald green? Yves Saint-Laurent Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayonstop at nothing, not even in the face of humidity. Its waterproof formula resists everything, whether it’s water, sweat or sebum. Result: the Crayon Dessin du Regard Waterproof offers a hold that extends over 12 hours. A real feat! The Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon can then be used as a classic eyeliner or around the eyes. Note that, for more details, it comes with a pencil sharpener. Its mat or metallic shades will seduce you with their comfortable texture. The Waterproof Eye Drawing Crayon glides over the skin, which greatly facilitates its application while avoiding minor eyelid irritations.

Some tips for applying your Waterproof Eye Drawing Pencil

Néanmoins, pour un essai réussi, encore faut-il savoir appliquer correctement votre Crayon Dessin du Regard Waterproof… Plusieurs solutions s’offrent alors à vous. Pour un effet liner, il vous suffit de dessiner un trait avec le Crayon Dessin du Regard Waterproof au ras de vos cils. Le Crayon Dessin du Regard Waterproof peut s’utiliser seul ou en complément d’une ou de plusieurs ombres à paupières. Pour un résultat plus smoky, estompez légèrement votre trait, immédiatement après l’avoir tracé, de façon à ce qu’il ne soit pas encore sec.
Comme il s’agit d’un maquillage waterproof, mieux vaut le démaquiller à l’aide d’un produit bi-phasé, de façon à ne pas irriter votre peau ou abîmer vos cils. Pour rester dans la gamme d’Yves Saint-Laurent, sachez que le démaquillant pour les yeux Top Secrets fait parfaitement l’affaire.

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