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Yves Saint Laurent – Voluptuous Gloss


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Yves Saint Laurent - Voluptuous Gloss
Yves Saint Laurent – Voluptuous Gloss

In 2014, Maison Yves Saint Laurent gives your lips brilliant colors while lightness thanks to its new gloss:

Voluptuous Gloss

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Gloss Volupté – Mouth to mouth

An invitation to kiss …

Yves Saint Laurent launches the first non-sticky light texture gloss. An extremely light and yet intensely glossy precious liquid, its ethereal texture is a celebration of pleasure that invites indulgence. “Mouth to mouth”, the applicator envelops the lips with this elixir of seduction. In a breath of life, the lips are covered with a reflective and radiant color.

YSL - Voluptuous Gloss
YSL – Voluptuous Gloss

Gold, iridescent or Pure… Beautiful. To die. Encapsulated in a divine gem, this glossy lip gloss attracts like an irresistible magnet?

Apply a top coat of gold (with Golden Gloss 01 Gold) to add a sparkle shine. A sophisticated evening outfit look or in a Pure top coat (with Golden Gloss 201 Pure) for an intense and fresh shine.

The unique and patented applicator envelops the lips in color and allows precise application.

The new Gloss Volupté 2014 is available in 22 irresistible shades.

Gloss Volupté – Benefit of the formula

Thanks to the “Light Kiss System” technology, the texture of Golden Gloss YSL changes on contact with the lips. After application the Golden Gloss leaves an ultra thin and non-sticky film. YSL Golden Gloss is ten times smoother than a classic gloss. The “Glossy Optimizer” formula reveals all the brilliance of the colors of Golden Gloss on the lips: Extreme shine, boosts color, smoothes the surface of the lips.

Gloss Volupté – Application

Yves Saint Laurent Voluptuous Gloss
Yves Saint Laurent Voluptuous Gloss

Just like the formula of the new Golden Gloss by Yves Saint Laurent, the application is very light. Thanks to the “3D Curves” technology of the Golden Gloss applicator, the application is intuitive. A fine point for maximum precision. A soft and flexible rod for an ultra-sensory application. The soft core of the applicator allows a uniform distribution of the gloss along your lips.

The soft heart in the middle of the applicator distributes the gloss evenly with precision for maximum coverage. Two applications of Golden Gloss YSL are possible: On the whole of the lips: The enveloping of the “3D Curve” is perfect for voluptuous lips. On the outside of the lips: Using the outside of the applicator which allows great precision when applying for thinner lips.

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