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BrandYves Saint Laurent Body Kouros perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros perfume


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Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros perfume
Yves Saint Laurent Body Kouros perfume

Body Kouros, a scent of mystical inspiration

Much like Kouros before him , Body Kouros is the modern interpretation of a living deity. Body Kouros is a charismatic perfume that one can easily imagine worn by a powerful man with a sculptural body. Body Kouros has a little extra soul, endowed with an undeniable charm. It seems to be the perfect point of balance between the beauty of the body, and the power of the spirit. Body Kouros is a masculine scent that encourages men to refocus on themselves.

It takes us to the depths of the masculine being, and is similar to an initiatory journey. Exploring all the facets of the male personality, Body Kouros is a chiaroscuro fragrance that takes on many different facets in one and the same breath.

Body Kouros, the complex fragrance of Yves Saint-Laurent

Body Kouros is an out of the ordinary perfume , which does not go to the essentials but displays a complex and intriguing scent. It is a composition filled with mystery, which intends to amaze as much as to seduce. His departure is particularly sharp.

Body Kouros contains eucalyptus associated with spicy reflections of mace and anise. It immediately gives off a sensation of icy freshness which speaks volumes about its dynamism. Nevertheless, playing on the oppositions, it does not take long to warm up. Body Kouros is enveloped in an incandescent breath of camphor wood and cedar. The opposition between the freshness of this juice and its background heat is linked by a breath of incense. Body Kouros appears to be a mysterious and bewitching fragrance. Its wake is finally wrapped in benzoin, creating a more comforting sensation. For a bit, Body Kouros would be almost a call to meditation.

Yves Saint Laurent - Body Kouros Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent – Body Kouros Eau de Toilette

Body Kouros, a frank and liberated masculinity.

The BODY KOUROS man maintains his body, likes to provoke and play with his sexy, sensual and very masculine image.

A daring and modern reinterpretation of the KOUROS universe. The freshness of Eucalyptus is opposed to the spirituality of the smoke of Incense. The provocative accord of Chinese Cedar and Mace, gives way to Benzoin and Camphorwood which envelop the skin with divine warmth.

A woody and spicy accord.
Incense – Mace – Camphorwood

Men’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental – Spicy

Head note: Nutmeg, Eucalyptus, Star Anise.

Heart note: Incense, Lavender, Carnation, Cinnamon.

Base note: Benzoin, Caramel, Bean Tonka, Sandalwood.

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