Complexion makeupYves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation


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All Hours YSL Foundation
All Hours YSL Foundation

Perfect skin thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Encre de Peau Complexion

The epidermis is a complex system that requires continuous care. Thus, to relieve many ailments, some products are true miracles. In this case, the make-up base has become a beauty staple. This appears on almost all female skin and considerably increases the hold of makeup. Pushing the expertise of this product always a little further, Yves Saint-Laurent invites you to discover his new foundation called All Hours Encre de Peau .

The advantages of the complexion All Hours Encre de Peau

All Hours Encre de Peau Foundation provides a zero-defect make-up. On the one hand, it creates a kind of barrier between your skin and the outside world. Thus, it further protects it from daily aggressions. It prevents your skin from coming into direct contact with impurities, pollution, and especially makeup. As a result, your epidermis is enclosed in a kind of small protective cocoon, which only makes it more radiant day after day. By doing so, the All Hours Foundation Skin Encre de Peau considerably restores the balance of your skin.

This fights more effectively against water loss, and maintains its hydration reserves more stable. Thus, since your skin is not dry, it tends to age less prematurely. To further increase this effect, the All Hours Encre de Peau Foundation also contains a sun protection index SPF20 which will continuously protect your skin from UV rays and the action of free radicals. Finally, note that Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Encre de Peau Foundation is formulated with nanometric-sized powder particles capable of absorbing more than four times their weight in sebum.

As you will have understood, the Encre de Peau All Hours Foundation keeps the skin more matte and regulates its greasing effect for 24 hours continuously. So your face immediately looks fresher and more radiant. Finally, like any Primer, this product smooths small imperfections on the face and thus allows to obtain a more uniform make-up while increasing its hold.

The application of the Yves Saint-Laurent Foundation

Yves Saint-Laurent Encre de Peau All Hours Primer is applied to cleansed and hydrated skin. Thus, this product is spread just after applying your usual skin care cream and just before your foundation. The All Hours Foundation Skin Ink can be applied with your finger, brush, or makeup sponge, in the same way as a classic foundation.

It is recommended to start by putting some on the center of the face and pulling them outwards from it. Try not to create a demarcation at the level of your neck and do not hesitate to accentuate its application on the oily areas of your face. The mattifying effect will be even more convincing.

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