MakeupEye MakeupYSL Vinyl Couture, the new Volume mascara

YSL Vinyl Couture, the new Volume mascara


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YSL Vinyl Couture, the new Volume mascara
YSL Vinyl Couture, the new Volume mascara

Yves Saint-Laurent Vinyl Couture Mascara, a condensed color on your eyelashes

The famous little mascara tube as we know it today made its appearance in the 60s. If the concept of darkening the eyelashes is much older, today it has become an essential for female beauty. Mascara remains one of the best-selling make-up products today. Thus, many brands are offering them and trying to stand out from the competition by offering ever more innovative mascaras. This time, Yves Saint-Laurent has decided to focus on color. Focus on the new Vinyl Couture Mascara .

The Vinyl Couture Mascara case

First, let’s start by taking a closer look at the case of the new Vinyl Couture Mascara. The latter is completely transparent at its base. This is a first for a mascara, and for good reason… The idea is simply to show the brilliant color of the mascara hidden there. The whole is surmounted by a golden cabochon stamped with the initials of the Yves Saint-Laurent house. Finally, the Vinyl Couture Mascara comes with a brush ideally designed to deliver the right amount of products. This facilitates the application, does not create any package and offers a particularly natural rendering.

Gain in volume and length

Like any self-respecting mascara, Vinyl Couture combines several effects in one and the same product. It gives more  volume to your eyelashes , and also helps to coat them. As a result, the latter are smoother and gain in length. Your gaze immediately becomes more intense and your face appears fresher and more alert.

Add color to your everyday life

On the other hand, the real novelty of the Vinyl Couture Mascara lies rather in its wide choice of color. Yves Saint-Laurent dared the eccentricity to decline it in nine different shades. This mascara contains ultracoloured pigments that range from blue to fuchsia through brown or even emerald green. Of course, classic black is also part of the game. What’s more, the vinyl effect of this mascara only increases the radiance of the eyes. The Vinyl Couture Mascara is the trendy accessory of the moment!

Apply your Vinyl Couture Mascara properly

Vinyl Couture Mascara is applied like a normal mascara. The Yves  Saint-Laurent house recommends making small zigzag lines  on your lashes starting from their roots and stretching them to the tips. Do not hesitate to take out your mascara with a colored eye shadow, so as to create a sort of monochrome. Likewise, by accompanying your initial makeup with eyeliner, you will gain even more intensity. Finally, in order not to weaken your eyelashes, do not forget to remove your makeup correctly every day. For this, Yves Saint-Laurent recommends using its Top Secrets Bi-Phase, a makeup remover that no makeup can resist.

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