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PerfumeMen's PerfumeYSL, the new perfume 24 Rue de L'Université

YSL, the new perfume 24 Rue de L’Université


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YSL, the new perfume 24 Rue de L'Université
YSL, the new perfume 24 Rue de L’Université

24 Rue de L’Université, a mythical place that has become an Yves Saint-Laurent fragrance

The Yves Saint-Laurent house has a habit of plunging us into its history with each of its new creations. Thus, its perfumes do not only lead us to an unreal and magical world. They are inspired by the heritage of Yves Saint-Laurent and tell us his story. The brand’s latest creation is no exception to tradition. Its name says a lot about it. Yves Saint-Laurent is currently presenting his brand new perfume: 24 Rue de L’Université. If you follow the history of the Yves Saint-Laurent brand at all, this address necessarily tells you something… So what about this unique place? How does this translate on the olfactory level? We tell you everything!

24 Rue de L’Université, new address for Yves Saint-Laurent

The YSL house has been marked by many upheavalsin recent years. Thus, it was at the beginning of 2013 that she set up her quarters at 24 Rue de L’Université, in Paris. This unique place marks, in reality, a return to basics for the Yves Saint-Laurent brand. Indeed, the brand was formerly installed on the left banks of the Seine, as can be seen from the Rive Gauche perfume of 1971. By choosing this address, Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore decided to move back to a place that saw the birth of its very first boutique, in 1966. 24 Rue de L’Université is a unique place of its kind, at the same time precious, historic and majestic. Far from having been chosen at random, it shows all the creative coherence shown by Hedi Slimane, the new artistic director of the Yves Saint-Laurent collections.

The perfume 24 Rue de L’Université YSL

The 24 Rue de L’Université perfume is aimed at both men and women. Still, he looks much more masculine than feminine. Indeed, it is delivered in a bottle entirely lacquered in black. Its shimmering base forms a thick cube of glass soaring towards the sky. Playing on opposites, the 24 Rue de L’Université stopper is more rounded and displays a rather matte color. All in sobriety, 24 Rue de L’Université encloses a seductive and woody fragrance, designed by the talented perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. For the moment, very few elements composing its recipe have been revealed. We just know that 24 Rue de L’Université will be a fairly sober and enveloping juice. Sandalwood leaves a milky breath there. Cedar reinforces its woody and racy scent. The deer plays the animal card. Finally, the incense binds everything with its mysterious and almost bewitching breath. The result is a juice as fascinating as the place it represents.

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