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YSL L’Homme Ultime perfume


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YSL L'Homme Ultime perfume
YSL L’Homme Ultime perfume

The Man: more than a perfume, it is a true symbol for the Yves Saint Laurent house. Remember: an aromatic opening of fern and lavender, both floral and slightly fruity. Then, a woody, musky, amber and powdery base, as virile as sensual. All the elements were then there for it to become a real bestseller. Also, it is in the continuity of this success story that the new variation of this essence will soon see the light of day. Yves Saint-Laurent has, in fact, decided to satisfy his fans and will soon release L’Homme Ultime . The latter will see the light of day during the month of February 2016.

Yves Saint Laurent’s human charisma

YSL L'Homme Ultime perfume
YSL L’Homme Ultime perfume

In order to represent his fragrance L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent, the designer was looking for exceptional personalities. Indeed, its exceptional juice well deserved a muse at the height of its prestige. Initially, he called on the very famous Vincent Cassel. The tone was set: the man of Yves Saint Laurent was indeed a born seducer whom no one can resist. It must be recognized that the actor’s charm is unparalleled and that he instantly melts the hearts of many women with a simple glance. In this sense, he embodied the ideal muse for this role. Then he was succeeded by the elegant Garrett Hedlund. Finally, more recently, it is the mysterious Vinnie Woolston who had the heavy task of assuming this prestigious role.

It is also the latter who should lend himself to the incarnation of the new Ultimate Man. This fragrance is announced as being very inspired by its predecessors. Nevertheless, Yves Saint-Laurent imagined it more modern and also more contrasted. It then symbolizes the image of a man with exacerbated freedom who nevertheless does not lack control. This one displays a powerful virility mixed with a deep daring as well as a natural elegance. Decidedly, Yves Saint Laurent perfumes seem to have in their possession the miracle recipe to make men irresistible!

The sensuality of the new Ultimate Man

The Ultimate Yves Saint Laurent Man
The Ultimate Yves Saint Laurent Man

Before talking about the scent of L’Homme Ultime, let’s take a look at its bottle. Indeed, it resembles that of its elders to be mistaken. We find in particular its cylindrical shape designed in a heavy glass. Its design is particularly refined and thus gives a glimpse of the color of its transparent and limpid juice. The whole is still covered with the famous octagonal cap forming an emblematic bolt of the L’Homme collection by Yves Saint-Laurent. The rendering is daring while remaining very masculine. In addition, the stopper has a very refined mirror effect.

On the scent side, L’Homme Ultime is a woody, intense and aromatic fragrance. Its liveliness appears from its top notes via the alliance of grapefruit, ginger and cardamom. This very energizing result continues in its heart through the aromatic presence of sage. This ingredient then delivers an incomparable tone. It is associated with the sensuality of the rose as well as the spicier aspect of the geranium. Finally, L’Homme Ultime gives off a particularly virile trail composed mainly of cedar and vetiver.

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