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Beauty CareMakeupYSL All Hours Concealer, the new concealer

YSL All Hours Concealer, the new concealer


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YSL All Hours Concealer, the new concealer
YSL All Hours Concealer, the new concealer

Flawless skin thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Corrector

The skin is a particularly fragile tissue in our body. So, even taking care of it continuously, it is not uncommon to see small imperfections appear. Likewise, the slightest stroke of fatigue, stress, or dietary imbalance can be seen on the surface of the face. Fortunately, today there are makeup products that allow us to cheat a little and hide these little flaws . Among the wide range of make-up products, the concealer is one of our favorites! Focus on the latest addition in this category: the All Hours Corrector by Yves Saint-Laurent.

The action of the All Hours Corrector on the buttons

First of all, and this is its main use, the All Hours Correctorfrom the Yves Saint-Laurent house helps fight against small pimples and camouflage them. Indeed, when a pimple appears, it is often inflamed. It therefore reveals a red color on the skin. What is more, as the skin is raw, makeup does not hold on this area. The idea is therefore to apply your foundation first, and then cover it with a little beige concealer. In addition, note that the All Hours Corrector has the property of continuously acting on imperfections. In other words, it doesn’t just cover up your little flaws but tries to prevent them in the long run. These active ingredients act on inflammation and tend to reduce it. Thus, this product works real miracles and does not just hide your pimple during the day to let it reappear at night.

Applying the All Hours Corrector to dark circles

Dark circles appear under the eye area, more or less unevenly depending on the individual. What’s more, their color may vary. They can be small, discreet circles as well as larger, purple circles. In this case, rest assured, the All Hours Corrector adapts to all situations. A true all-terrain corrector, it acts as discreetly as it does on more marked dark circles. To do this, you simply need to modulate the coverage with its small applicator brush. In addition, the All Hours Corrector is available in several colors, which will allow you to adapt perfectly to the natural color of your skin.

The effect of the All Hours Corrector on dark spots

Finally, Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Corrector acts on all types of pigment spots. On the one hand, it contains an SPF20 sun protection factor and therefore limits the appearance of dark spots. Moreover, its competition makes it possible to conceal any type of demarcation on the skin in a much more opaque manner. Finally, these moisturizing agents prevent any skin dryness and therefore any appearance of redness on the surface of the epidermis.

You will have understood that the Yves Saint-Laurent All Hours Corrector is an all-in-hand product that will instantly sublimate the skin of your face. So what are you waiting for to magnify your porcelain complexion?

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