BrandYour natural beauty highlighted by Chanel Beiges

Your natural beauty highlighted by Chanel Beiges


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Your natural beauty highlighted by Chanel Beiges
Your natural beauty highlighted by Chanel Beiges

When we talk about make-up, it undoubtedly goes through the foundation box. This cosmetic is undoubtedly the most controversial but also the most used. Indeed, it is important to choose the one that is appropriate for your complexion, your skin type or the season. Likewise, the application of this product must be done according to the rules of the art so as not to appear too artificial. Fortunately, the biggest brands compete in ingenuity and technical advances in foundations have dramatically improved the appearance of foundations. So, focus on one of the stars of the market: the Beiges de Chanel .

Chanel’s invisible background

If it is always preferable to apply a foundation before any other makeup step, the idea is that it remains invisible. Chanel understood this well and thus created the Beige de Chanel. These are intended to enhance the natural complexion and give it the appearance and radiance of skin after a day spent in the great outdoors. Likewise, Les Beiges de Chanel are ideally designed to protect the skin from external aggressions. They are enriched with extracts of kalanchoe and UV filter, the latter being mainly responsible for the anticipated aging of the skin.

Thus, they protect the epidermis day after day and also offer visible results in the long term. With them, forget the apprehensions and the artificial appearance often associated with foundation. Les Beiges de Chanel simply enhances your natural beauty and gives your skin tone an extraordinary luminosity. What’s more, these products are available in 14 colors, enough to harmonize them perfectly with your skin tone. Finally, their soft and comfortable texture is ideally designed to spread easily and perfectly match the contours of the face. In other words, the Beiges de Chanel are foundations that can be forgotten.

The technical specificities of Chanel Beiges

In order to achieve such results, Chanel has used all of its technical know-how. The Beiges de Chanel are the result of particularly successful research. They contain “Healthy Glow Booster” mineral pigments capable of instantly providing a radiant glow. These are combined with Soft Focus powders which help to unify the complexion. This sublimating treatment also contains a derivative of hyaluronic acid, a product providing an instant sensation of hydration and comfort that lasts throughout the day. What is more, it is coupled with an SPF25 sun filter preventing any premature aging of the epidermis. Finally, note that kalanchoe extract, a protective plant active ingredient, also greatly contributes to this effect.

Chanel beige foundations could well become your best beauty ally. They are a perfect way to stay stylish in all circumstances, always looking totally natural and taking care of your skin day in and day out.

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