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PerfumeMen's PerfumeY for Men The new composition for men YSL

Y for Men The new composition for men YSL


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Y for Men The new composition for men YSL

Y the new male fragrance Yves Saint-Laurent

Y Men is a perfume aimed at a new generation of men, those of Generation Y, as evidenced by its elegant bottle. It is a classic yet very contemporary juice that has only one ambition: to symbolize the ardor and determination of youth while retaining the elegance of the Yves Saint Laurent house.

This fragrance has a very daring creative spirit. Like Yves Saint-Laurent himself, it is a daring and unique essence. More than ever, Y pour Homme brings a touch of novelty to the Yves Saint Laurent department. This is a new representation of today’s virility.

The fresh and woody masculinity of Y pour Homme

On the scent side, this translates into a fragrance that is both authentic and modern. To make his fragrance, Yves Saint-Laurent relied on the scent of a fern, a classic olfactory family of men’s perfumery. However, do not believe that Yves Saint-Laurent went for simplicity. He totally transformed this type of scent.

Y pour Homme is a fragrance inspired by two masterpieces of the male wardrobe. The first of them is none other than a white T-shirt, both classic and freshly washed. Therefore, this scent possesses a certain freshness. This one shows through its top notes in a blend of bergamot and aldehyde. Ginger, meanwhile, brings a more soapy and peppery part to this composition. What is more, it is a famous aphrodisiac product that says a lot about the seductive spirit of men today.

At the same time, Y for Men is also inspired by a perfectly cut and typically masculine black tuxedo jacket. This results in more manly scents. The masculine version ends with woody nuances of balsam satin, olibanum and ambergris. In its center, more aromatic notes link these two elements. Y Men assembles geranium, sage and violet leaves for this. The result is a very creative, particularly refined and infinitely chic fragrance.

There is a masculine essence signed Dominique Ropion for Yves Saint Laurent

To create this fragrance, the Yves Saint-Laurent house called on one of the best perfumers of our time: Dominique Ropion. Particularly famous in the world of perfumery, he has already worked for the biggest luxury houses.

Moreover, this is not his first collaboration with the Yves Saint-Laurent brand since we owe him the entire L’Homme and La Nuit de L’Homme range of the brand . Very early on in contact with the world of smells through his family lineage, Dominique Ropion gradually rose through the ranks to reach the highest peak of his art.

For him, the work of a perfumer is an art. “Like painters,” he says, “we put our hands in the material and like architects we make real constructions, foundations. Like the sculptors, we have to cut in the smells, file them, break them. A formula can be triturated in all directions. We see agreements emerging. We have surprises. Poets do the same with words.

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