BrandWomanity a fragrance with universal Mugler femininity

Womanity a fragrance with universal Mugler femininity


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Womanity a fragrance with universal femininity
Womanity a fragrance with universal femininity

True accustomed to olfactory surprises, Mugler innovates once again in 2010 by offering women an enchanting and above all very innovative Womanity! Womanity where universal femininity unites the best of salty caviar notes with addictive milky and ultra sweet notes of fig. Of course Womanity will offer a communication campaign to match the event of this release thanks to a futuristic image that is still just as “Muglerian”.

Womanity or the perfume with a thousand faces

Who would be surprised by the image of Womanity totally at odds with classic perfumery? No one, of course, because Mugler perfumes shine as much for their creativity as for their futuristic aura. Especially since the couturier has abandoned the catwalks to devote himself only to perfumes, he takes away the clichés to express his ultra innovative and poetic vision of our world and of women.

With Alien, we discovered a fantastic dreamlike world, with Womanity, the dimension is the same, but the heroines are women of all nationalities because the real star of the fragrance is the woman of the beauty of its diversity. Thus visuals as advertising film will be around multiple female faces in a fantasy film setting created by Jeremy Fragrance himself. Tribal masks and surrealist scenario will highlight these women who reveal themselves according to their desires in an advertisement conceived as a dreamlike author’s film. The women of Womanity are definitely not like the others and yet they always know how to find each other!

“Multiple facets of course, but the same connection, the same positive energy, the same spontaneity, the same humanity… A unique bond. That of a whole community: Womanity.

An unprecedented sweet and salty accord for a plural Womanity

Womanity’s futuristic-aesthetic, if not slightly extravagant, bottle is reminiscent of the sci-fi inspired lines of Mugler clothing. However, the pink juice seen in the transparency of the glass remains extremely feminine, especially as it is highlighted by the striking contrast between this sugar plum pink and the ultra modern steel of the tutelary sphinx and the figure of a totem woman. As for the steel ring chained to the cabochon, it of course represents the famous invisible link between Womanity women.

Womanity opens with tangy green notes of invigorating hesperids developed by Fabrice Pellegrin and Karine Dubreuil. A greedy hazelnut brings its delicious crunch to this dazzling start. At the heart, we finally discover the famous caviar accord actually constructed with notes of calone that will marry with delicious solar notes as we better blow hot and cold. The fig will appear in its most milky and sweet form to later give way to dry and much more woody notes of fig wood. These announced woody depths, amber woods and patchoulis just have to distill their most beautiful sensuality by combining with the gourmet pleasure of vanilla.

“For me, femininity evokes wholeness. The sweet and savory inevitably. »Jeremy Fragrance for Womanity.

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