BrandGuerlainWith Guerlain, the Ideal Man has humor

With Guerlain, the Ideal Man has humor


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With Guerlain, the Ideal Man has humor
With Guerlain, the Ideal Man has humor

Guerlain L’Homme Idéal is a fragrance by Guerlain that attracted a lot of attention when it was released. Indeed, this essence playing on lightness was very popular. Guerlain took the gamble of escaping from the too serious world of perfumery to go into the field of humor. This essence therefore marks a turning point within the Guerlain house and is making a big comeback in the world of men’s perfumery. Indeed, if everyone knows that the ideal man does not exist, with this essence, Guerlain nevertheless claims to have succeeded in creating its perfume. A very daring idea while being ideally sparkling …

Guerlain’s highly regarded campaign

Advertising for Guerlain’s L’Homme Idéal was designed to make people smile. It features a seducer, wearing the perfume of the house. In this case, the playboy bears the name of Jon Kortajarena, a Spanish supermodel with extraordinary beauty. Thanks to its fragrance, it becomes a real magnet for women. We see him grabbed by a delirious crowd absolutely wanting a selfie in his company, on stage playing sometimes the drums, sometimes the bass, or at the edge of a swimming pool. Women can not help but take off their sunglasses to better contemplate the Apollo in question. However, in the last scene, the handsome young man suddenly disappears. It then leaves its place to the slogan “the Ideal Man is a myth”. The budding groupies therefore console themselves around a poster representing the perfume of the Ideal Man, which is very real. The rendering is particularly enthusiastic and sparkling. Only one idea comes to mind: to smell this fragrance making the man who wears it so irresistible.

L’Homme Idéal, a masculine scent made from almonds

The scent of the Ideal Man was designed according to three criteria. Indeed, the Guerlain house started from the premise that an ideal man must be intelligent, handsome and strong. Also, she decided to imagine three olfactory interpretations according to these facets. L’Homme Idéal therefore starts off with a particularly fresh and invigorating scent. Thus, an image of the quick-witted man emerges instinctively. We can feel the presence of citrus fruits associated with rosemary and orange blossom. Then, her beauty truly explodes in her heart. There is an unusual ingredient in perfumery, namely amaretto, in other words the combination of almond and tonka bean. This gives it a particularly attractive appearance. In addition, L’Homme Idéal releases vanilla scents bringing a touch of gluttony as well as a disturbing and bewitching heat. Finally, it is at its core that L’Homme Idéal really expresses all its strength. Its wake is resolutely masculine and gives off woody and leathery tones. This essence is particularly virile and somewhat racy without lacking in refinement. Guerlain’s creation does indeed represent an ideal to be achieved for men and an absolute fantasy for women.

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