BrandWhen Coco Chanel's beauty comes in lipstick

When Coco Chanel’s beauty comes in lipstick


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When Coco Chanel's beauty comes in lipstick
When Coco Chanel’s beauty comes in lipstick

Chanel is a prestigious brand that never ceases to pay tribute to its founder, Gabrielle Chanel, otherwise known as Coco Chanel. The latter is considered to be one of the greatest French seamstresses, famous for her many fashion creations but also for her perfumes. Over time, it has become a symbol of French elegance. Now, what would a woman in the world be without a line of makeup to enhance her natural beauty? So, Chanel decided to embark on the creation of makeup. Today, it is more precisely a lipstick in question… Guess the name… Rouge Coco of course!

The many advantages of Chanel Rouge Coco

Rouge Coco lipstick is an iconic product of the brand. Also, although it was designed a few years ago, it is reinventing itself today in an even more sophisticated formula. This is described as being “more sensory, more hydrating”. This little jewel of cosmetology displays an exemplary outfit and lasts all day long. What is more, it is revealed through multiple shades, the colors of which are directly inspired by the tastes of Miss Chanel. The latter are called Arthur, Adrienne, Roussy, Dimitri,… So many first names which correspond to those close to the emblematic designer Coco Chanel. In total, 24 shades come to decorate this large collection to make your smile radiant and to decline it whatever the occasion.

The beneficial composition of Chanel lipstick

What’s more, in addition to sublimating your mouth when it is applied, Rouge Coco lipstick also makes it more beautiful day after day. Indeed, it contains multiple active ingredients allowing to sublimate your epidermis. It combines three vegetable waxes of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. Thus, it hydrates and nourishes in depth, ensuring immediate comfort over time. Likewise, its silicone wax provides a unique sensory experience. The latter brings an immediate softness and a melting and slippery sensation. Rouge Coco thus seems to become one with your mouth. Finally, its exemplary hold and enhanced shine are provided by a new generation polymer film associated with silicone beads.

The application of your Rouge Coco

Rouge Coco lipstick is applied directly to the lips, either using its tube ideally designed to facilitate handling and application, or using an applicator brush. Its color and coverage vary depending on the number of passes you make during its application. Finally, for more precision and for an optimal result, do not hesitate to underline your makeup with a line of tone-on-tone lip liner. Likewise, for more volume, sublimate the whole thing with a brilliant passage of gloss.

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