BrandAzzaroWanted Tonic, a concentrate of virility in Azzaro's new...

Wanted Tonic, a concentrate of virility in Azzaro’s new fragrance


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Wanted Tonic, a concentrate of virility in Azzaro's new fragrance
Wanted Tonic, a concentrate of virility in Azzaro’s new fragrance

Wanted Tonic, a new lively freshness takes hold of Azzaro’s high-roller man

Loris Azzaro is a Mediterranean man with a strong temperament. Moreover, this is felt in most of the brand’s perfumes. Just like Azzaro pour Homme, a great classic of men’s perfumery, the Wanted perfume does not lack character! Designed in 2016, it was first reinvented as a Wanted by Night edition, in 2018, before this time becoming Wanted Tonic, a more lively and refreshing variation of its scent. So, how about giving yourself a wave of freshness every day and immersing yourself in the very invigorating world of the new Wanted Tonic?

Who is the man wearing the Wanted Tonic perfume?

Like all Azzaro perfumes, and despite its freshness and apparent purity, Wanted Tonic is aimed at a man with a strong temperament. If you have a fiery personality and don’t like to go unnoticed, this essence is for you! Respecting the DNA of his predecessors, Wanted Tonic is designed in the image of Loris Azzaro himself, a somewhat high-spirited and exuberant man, ready to do anything to follow his dreams and succeed in life. The motto of this essence? “Play, flambé and succeed”. But then, where to draw such energy to meet increasingly crazy challenges on a daily basis? Well, in this scent of course! Wanted Tonic delivers an indomitable fiery spirit to the wearer. Full of energy, it exudes a raw and infinitely masculine vitality.

The new turquoise water from the Azzaro bottle

Wanted Tonic comes in a bottle with an unchanged silhouette, but embellished with a whole new color: a refreshing turquoise, synonymous with energy. This color would almost give the impression that this bottle contains a minty juice. The rest of its design, meanwhile, is both refined and complex, taking inspiration from the mechanics of a barrel. The golden medallions of the previous fragrances in the range have disappeared. Here, Wanted Tonic opts for a completely silver lacquer. Its chrome alloy and its provocative shape give it a chic, modern and infinitely daring style.

The fiery breath of Wanted Tonic

Therefore, we look forward to using the vaporizer in this bottle to discover its fresh breath. Wanted Tonic by Azzaro gives off very stimulating aromas, which some would say are reminiscent of the colognes of yesteryear. On the other hand, this freshness does not detract from its tenacity. Wanted Tonic is a fragrance with indisputable persistent qualities. Sometimes green or more woody, it is first refreshed with lemon before evolving into a more soapy and peppery heart, based on ginger. In this sense, it clearly honors its sensuality, by daring to use one of the most aphrodisiac raw materials available. It all ends with a virile and masculine breath, dominated by patchouli wood. Wanted Tonic plays on a blend of sometimes contradictory raw materials, relying here on a powerful and infinitely seductive chiaroscuro game.

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