BrandAzzaroWanted Girl By Night, welcome to the nightlife and...

Wanted Girl By Night, welcome to the nightlife and seductive atmosphere of Azzaro!


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Wanted Girl By Night, welcome to the nightlife and seductive atmosphere of Azzaro!
Wanted Girl By Night, welcome to the nightlife and seductive atmosphere of Azzaro!

Loris Azzaro is a unique character, hedonist and gamer. As if to pay homage to him, the house bearing his name decided to dedicate a perfume to him, in 2016. Named Wanted, it was not long in gaining followers on the male side. In 2019, Wanted therefore naturally offered a new feminine version. There again, it was a question of evoking temptation, the praise of a freer and more flamboyant femininity. History repeating itself again the following year. Wanted Girl Tonic was made in 2020, deploying a vitamin freshness, synonymous with dynamism. In 2021, a new chapter is revealed again: Wanted Girl By Night!

The nocturnal and sensual universe of Wanted Girl By Night

Like all the perfumes in this collection, Wanted Girl By Night reappropriates Loris Azzaro’s famous motto: “provoke luck, play, flambé and try the impossible to succeed”. This eau de parfum for women is more gourmet and addictive than its predecessors. As her name suggests, she is a seductress acting at night, and drawing all the spotlight on her. Wanted Girl By Night is a scent that doesn’t go unnoticed. Luminous and incandescent, it stirs up all desires and shines with its aura. The one who wears this fragrance dares and gets everything she wants. With Wanted Girl By Night, increase your seductive potential tenfold, provoke your luck and reveal your disarming magnetism!

Wanted Girl By Night, a mysterious and captivating bottle

On the visual side, Wanted Girl By Night adopts exactly the same silhouette as its predecessors. On the other hand, for the very first time, he dares a purple shade, absolutely captivating. Mysterious and sensual, it fits perfectly with the image of this perfume. While having a very luxurious side, purple imposes its strength and invites privacy. More nocturnal and dark than before, it immediately plunges us into the world of night. The rest of this bottle is a true feat of goldsmithing. Inspired by a flower, its finely sculpted glass ball seems to unfold its petals before our eyes. A trigger then serves as a vaporizer. To get drunk on this precious elixir, just use this weapon of mass seduction!

The gourmet and floral breath of Wanted Girl By Night Azzaro

So what can this precious trigger deliver? Wanted Girl By Night focuses above all on gluttony and this can be felt from its top notes. A cloud of whipped cream is combined with an intoxicating rum accord. The datura flower makes its appearance in its heart. True emblem of the entire Wanted saga of Azzaro, it envelops us here with all its opulence and sensuality. Finally, a final, more woody and deep breath comes to dress the whole. This is patchouli.

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