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PerfumeMen's PerfumeWant to change your perfume?

Want to change your perfume?


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Want to change your perfume?
Want to change your perfume?

Why change your perfume?

If purists agree that you shouldn’t change your perfume once you’ve found yours , it must be recognized that most consumers are quite frivolous when it comes to fragrances. Rare are those who stick to one and the same scent throughout their lives.

And for good reason… We are not the same person at 20 and at 60. We are evolving and an olfactory touch-up is therefore necessary from time to time. Indeed, the perfume must always reveal the personality of the one who wears it. We must therefore make it evolve at the same time as our character. Likewise, certain events in life can sometimes cause us to dream of changes. In this case, just like the desire to try a new haircut, why not change your scent?

Very often, between the ages of 15 and 30, we explore the world of perfumery. It is only after 30 years that our essence becomes more revealing of our personality and more intimate. Starting from this premise, you will understand the importance of correctly choosing the essence that suits you.

Find a perfume according to an olfactory note

To correctly choose your perfume , it is essential to have some knowledge of the olfactory families. Indeed, perfumery covers a particularly vast universe. To make your job easier and to help you find your way around, know that the perfume is classified into several olfactory families.

Oriental essences are bursting with spices, wood and vanilla. They bring together sophisticated and often opulent fragrances. Citrus scents, on the other hand, are fresher and lighter. They are very comfortable to wear in summer and immediately give a feeling of dynamism. The woody fragrances have a wood for main scent accord. It can be sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and patchouli. The aromatic juices consist of aromatic herbs and have a very Mediterranean feel. Floral fragrances are more romantic and poetic. The chypre juices are based on an accord of wood, moss and flowers. They are generally very rich and stubborn. Ferns are modern fragrances very popular with men. Finally, the amber scents are sweeter and sweeter.

How to find THE perfume?

Now that you know all of this, it’s time to find the perfume that’s right for you. Indeed, it is not enough to find a fragrance that smells good to adopt it. This choice is much more complex. First of all, define whether you want an eau de cologne, an eau de toilette, an eau de parfumor an extract. The colognes contain a percentage of extract varying between 3 and 5%. Eau de toilette, between 8 and 12%. Eau de Perfume, from 12 to 20% and perfume extracts, from 18 to 30%. However, the higher the concentration, the more tenacious and fragrant the perfume. Then select an olfactory category that matches your personality. If you are more shy, prefer citrus scents. If you are sensual or extravagant, go for chypre or amber juices instead. If you are romantic, florals are for you. Then, know that the perfume evolves differently from one person to another, in particular according to the PH of your skin and its lipid level. It is therefore essential to test a perfume on your skin before adopting it.

Do you have to change your perfume every day?

Then there is the question of knowing when to change perfume … Several solutions are available to you. If you are relatively loyal to a fragrance, it is still recommended to change it about every five years to change it according to your age . Indeed, a girly scent goes wonderfully with a fresh and dapper teenage girl. It is less suitable for a woman in her fifties.

On the other hand, the great classics of perfumery will immediately give a more elegant look to people of more mature age. Then, know that a perfume can also evolve according to the seasons. If opulent fragrances can be the most beautiful effect in winter, they are often unpleasant when it is too hot. Better then to prefer fresh scents. Finally, don’t hesitate to vary your scent depending on the occasion. In this case, you can have a neutral enough daily scent so as not to bother your colleagues too much. A fresh and discreet scent will be more appropriate for your sports sessions. On the other hand, choose in addition a more refined and bewitching essence to seduce and bewitch the chosen one of your heart.

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