BrandViolet Blonde or the new era of feminine glamor

Violet Blonde or the new era of feminine glamor


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Violet Blonde or the new era of feminine glamor
Violet Blonde or the new era of feminine glamor

Tom Ford is a talented designer, a bit provocative. We can easily say that he likes to be noticed. About his creations, he says “The business is governed by details: the fabric, the manufacturing, the buttonholes, the cuffs… It is his intuition that makes the success of a designer, all that I have accomplished , came from my guts ”. It is the same perfectionism and the same passion that he transcribes in his perfumes. To create his perfumes, Tom Ford currently works most of the time with Givaudan. In 2001, Tom Ford unveiled “Violet Blonde”, a radiant fragrance that highlights the violet.

Violet Blonde, a timeless fragrance

Tom Ford wanted to develop a sumptuous and chic fragrance that highlights a new facet of violet. With “Violet Blonde”, Tom Ford reveals a particularly breathtaking essence , symbol of the new feminine glamor. By choosing to associate the violet with the root of the iris and sambac jasmine, Tom Ford wanted to give another dimension to the violet flower. Thanks to this improbable, but daring marriage, which, according to the designer, would highlight the sensual, enchanting and elegant facets of the violet. “Violette Blonde” is a chic, ultra-refined essence that takes you in a whirlwind like a superbly dressed woman, whose refinement seduces you to the highest point.

The ultra seductive fragrance of Violet Blonde

If “Violet Blonde” is an ultra seductive and modern fragrance, it is nonetheless classic. Indeed, its smell is reminiscent of the rice powders of our grandmothers, and transports us to a sweet nostalgia. “Violet Blonde” opens with aldehyde and citrus notes such as tangerine and lime. These are joined by the green tones of the violet flower. The heart of “Violet Blonde” becomes more powdery and flowery thanks to the perfect combination of Tuscan iris absolute, jasmine and violet flower. The base is sensual and elegant, it is composed of benzoin, cedar wood, vetiver and white musks. Finally, the bottle takes up the codes of that of “Black Orchid”. In fluted glass, it recalls the emblem of the Tom Ford brand. The nectar radiates a dazzling sun color.

The violet is in the spotlight here, and in unknown facets … It is “Violet Blonde”, an ultra refined essence. The women who wear it are very sophisticated and radiate a sublime smile! The composition revolves around the violet flower that we perceive differently according to the associations. Once again, Tom Ford amazes, challenges, captivates …

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