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Vinyl Cream Lip Polish


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Vinyl Cream Lip Polish
Vinyl Cream Lip Polish

The radiant shine of your lips thanks to the Vernis à Lèvres Vinyl Cream by Yves Saint Laurent

Like every self-respecting woman, you are keen to put forward your best seduction assets. This is why you probably have a wide range of makeup. Also, among the undisputed strengths of femininity, the mouth is undeniably a favorite. You will therefore be delighted to learn that you will soon be able to add a new kid to your big make-up family! Yves Saint-Laurent has just created a brand new lipstick called Vinyl Cream. This one is halfway between gloss, cream and lipstick and it already promises to make your smile shine with a dazzling lacquer while making it as soft as a silk veil.

The unprecedented radiance of Vinyl Cream Lip Polish

The Vinyl Cream Lip Varnish could well become one of the flagship products of the entire Yves Saint-Laurent make-up range. Indeed, it alone combines many strengths and contains multiple benefits in a single small tube. Its melting texture is absolutely exquisite. It slips over the lips for a particularly comfortable look. Thus, the extraordinary softness of the Vinyl Cream Lip Polishmakes it as pleasant as a cream. What is more, it reinforces the immediate hydration of the mouth for an instant perceiving effect. In addition, it continuously nourishes the lips which allows it to make them more beautiful and smoother over the course of its applications. In total, its hydration lasts for more than ten hours, a real feat! In addition, as its name suggests, the Vinyl Cream Lip Varnish has an unprecedented shine similar to the shine of vinyl. Its shades are available in 12 daring colors to match many looks. Finally, note that the Vinyl Cream Lip Varnish displays an exemplary hold that allows it to withstand all the hardships of everyday life, making your smile resplendent and ultra spicy from early morning until evening.

The application secrets of the new Yves Saint-Laurent lipstick

For ease of application, Yves Saint-Laurent has also equipped his Vinyl Cream Lip Varnish with a new generation applicator. It has a pointed tip that allows it to precisely outline the outline of your lips and deposit the desired amount of product. The latter gives your lips more depth and spreads its lacquering in a harmonious and uniform way. The coverage of Vinyl Cream Lip Polish is absolutely perfect from the first pass. For an optimal effect, it is then advisable to use the flat side of its tip. The tip of the applicator, on the other hand, allows you to accentuate the presence of color on the Cupid’s bow. You just have to stretch the material of each corner of your mouth towards the hollow of your lips, which gives you a real star smile!

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