BrandGuerlainVetiver, the great Guerlain classic

Vetiver, the great Guerlain classic


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Vetiver, the great Guerlain classic
Vetiver, the great Guerlain classic

Vetiver, a great classic from the Guerlain men’s fragrance family. Indeed, Jean-Paul Guerlain composed it at the age of twenty-two, in 1959, and for the record, it is even the one he wears. As its name suggests, it is essentially composed of vetiver, a plant from tropical areas whose root is used in perfumery, and more particularly for male fragrances. This aromatic woody note is timeless and brings a modern take on elegance. So, if you were looking to offer yourself all the grace of Guerlain for less, you’ve come to the right place.

Jean-Paul Guerlain’s woody fragrance

Created in 1959 by Jean Paul Guerlain, the Vétiver perfume is characterized by a very citrus opening. This plant naturally gives off aromas reminiscent of grapefruit. However, its evolution is more woody and peppery. Its scents start first with a very dynamic sensation conferred by lemon. This then mixes with bergamot, a fresh and floral faith, as well as citrus neroli and similar to the flower of the bergamot tree. Its spicy woody side is revealed in its heart thanks to the contribution of cedar and black pepper. Finally, vetiver completes it all and its dosage is particularly powerful. However, it is softened by the Tonka bean, so characteristic of the Guerlain house.. Then, its sweet side is at the heart of its aromas of tobacco and sandalwood. This fragrance does not lack character and is ideal for men who assume responsibility, like its creator in this case.

Vetiver gets a new look

Regarding the nectar itself, it has remained unchanged since its creation. On the other hand, its bottle underwent a slight makeover in 2000. The goal was then to give a modern side to this perfume. Indeed, the fragrance is still very contemporary and it would have been a shame if this image was tarnished by a design that is getting older. The new bottle was created by Robert Granai. It is a sculpture whose pure glass lines and frank profile illustrate an urban and elegant masculinity.

He presents us with massive and irregular layers of glass. These come together as if to represent the different sections of a man’s life. The stopper, for its part, bears a double-sided metal ring, debossed with its name and the Guerlain signature. Its case is matt, which reinforces its modernity. Finally, it is adorned with an embossed gun barrel, on which is engraved the double G Guerlain. What is more, it becomes quite affordable since we offer it to you at a cheaper price than in perfumery. So, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a great classic revisited. With Vetiver, it’s a bit like taking a bit of perfume history with you.

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