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PerfumeMen's PerfumeValentino Uomo, all the Italian charm in perfume

Valentino Uomo, all the Italian charm in perfume


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Valentino Uomo, all the Italian charm in perfume
Valentino Uomo, all the Italian charm in perfume

During the 70th edition of the Venice Film Festival in September, Maison Valentino unveiled its first men’s fragrance project, called Valentino Uomo. This gasoline was therefore marketed in 2014 and, believe us, you will not find it cheaper elsewhere. This fragrance complements the Valentina feminine scent . It is a fragrance for elegant and seductive men. Perfectly suitable as a perfume for day and evening, it is a tribute to Italy and more particularly to Rome, like its female counterpart, Valentina. So, whether you are a lover of the Italian style or an insider perfume consumer, Valentino Uomo should fulfill all your desires.

Valentino and its luxurious Italian atmosphere

As soon as we approach Valentino Uomo, we are immediately struck by the finish of his bottle. He is very attractive and gives himself a very luxurious air. All in studded glass, it presents very architectural forms. Also, it immediately recalls the patrician palaces with the particular shape of their freestone. His name, Valentino, is affixed to a golden metallic plate. Moreover, the neck of the bottle is also adorned with a golden metallic ring. This is the signature of the house and it is also a very good way to enhance the prestigious side of the setting. Very iconic, this container is also very masculine. It is both classic and modern and no doubt owes this to its clean lines and graphics. Thus, it offers a very sought-after retro chic side and becomes timeless. In short, it is pleasant in all respects, both to the touch and visually.

Also, in order to promote Valentino, the house chose the French actor Louis Garrel. Thus, it will be associated with all the elegance that the city of Rome can offer. Slender, dark and bohemian, it perfectly expresses the rebellious and nonchalant character of the Valentino man.

Valentino and its woody scent

Valentino uomo, a fragrance that we invite you to discover for less than in classic perfumery, is part of the family of juices called “woody oriental”. Olivier Polge’s creation stands out for its unique composition. This exclusive fragrance leaves a very sophisticated trail. Its notes are smooth, sweet and very sensual. Bergamot, mixed with myrtle liqueur, gives it sweetness while providing a well-marked character. Then her heart gets warmer. We find in particular cream of Gianduia. In fact, it is a paste of chocolate and finely crushed hazelnuts to which other ingredients can be added. Here, in this case, Valentino chose to add coffee. Thus, Valentino Uomo expresses all its smoothness. To finish, its background is closed on white leather and its woody aspect comes from its cedar wood. Its composition, and in particular its heart which releases aromas of chocolate and hazelnut, is very surprising. Its elegance makes it an excellent evening scent, and while it is suitable for all age groups, people in their thirties seem to really appreciate its fragrance.

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