PerfumeValentino Donna, fragrance of a very very Italian romance

Valentino Donna, fragrance of a very very Italian romance


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Valentino Donna, a very very Italian romance
Valentino Donna, a very very Italian romance

Born from the sole ambition of a young man to study fashion, the Valentino brand represents the Dolce Vita par excellence. It was in 1960, in Rome, that Valentino’s first workshop was set up. “Valentino red” quickly became the hallmark of the Italian designer. Finally, the “White collection” dedicated to Jackie Kennedy will propel him to the front of the stage. In 1986, Valentino opened a department with a feminine fragrance called simply “Valentino”. In 2015, the brand presented “Valentino Donna”, an ultra romantic essence .

Love always Love…

“Valentino Donna” is a very elegant perfume which is a symbol of optimism and the sweetness of life… Italian style! Mysterious, sensual and a bit shy, the woman “Valentino Donna” is a romantic woman, but above all in love. It is the actress Astrid Bergès-Fisbey, who has dual nationality, French and Spanish, who is the muse of “Valentino Donna”. She perfectly symbolizes the Italian woman, beautiful, sensual and seductive at will. The one-minute and 48-second commercial takes us directly to Rome.

It depicts the “Piazza Navona”, a night when a man seems to recognize the beautiful Italian . This could be the moment in the life of every man or every woman, but the brand wanted it to be something both simple and universal… “Valentino Donna” is a luminous and sensual essence. Subtle and contrasting, its composition gives pride of place to noble ingredients.

The elegant and floral notes of Valentino Donna

“Valentino Donna” is the work of a duo of perfumers, namely Sonia Constant and Antoine Maisondieu. They gave “Valentino Donna” a real peculiarity, that of possessing a familiar scent as if the fragrance had always existed. Its fully Italian accords give “Valentino Donna” an unparalleled elegance and subtlety . “Valentino Donna” opens with the invigorating freshness of bergamot. Its heart then takes on Bulgarian rose and iris, a particularly noble combination sought after by perfumers.

Finally, the base of “Valentino Donna” will leave an intense, warm and oriental trail because it combines vanilla, patchouli and leather accords. The bottle takes the fluted shape of the brand’s emblematic bottles. This multitude of raised prisms looks like a very precious jewel. This particular shape also echoes the freestone of an Italian palace. The soft pink color finally comes to contrast with the past, giving “Donna” a very modern, very girly side. Finally, the bottle is adorned with a golden plate, the same color as the cabochon, which simply shows the name of the bottle.

“Valentino Donna” is a romance that only Italians know the secret. The sweetness of life and the dolce vita of the Valentino brand are highlighted here. The “Valentino Donna” woman is sensual, sensitive, delicate and ultra elegant.

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