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Beauty CareUnify your face with the latest Lancôme Blur &...

Unify your face with the latest Lancôme Blur & Go Stick


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Unify your face with the latest Lancôme Blur & Go Stick
Unify your face with the latest Lancôme Blur & Go Stick

Lancôme Blur & Go Stick, a mattifying solution to even out your face

Getting perfectly clear skin is no small feat! With age, the epidermis changes and loses its suppleness and elasticity. It also becomes less regular and its pores dilate. However, it is precisely the latter which are responsible for its fouling. When they become saturated with sebum, they oxidize and give rise to ugly blackheads. It is therefore essential to treat this phenomenon to preserve all the freshness of your face and the radiance of its eternal youth. To help you in this arduous task, the Lancôme brand has designed the Blur & Go Stick, a small universal stick, both mattifying and blurring.

The Blur & Go Stick to refresh your face

Lancôme Blur & Go Stickcomes in the form of a nomadic stick, containing a white stick which transforms into a translucent texture on contact with the skin. In other words, the Blur & Go Stick is suitable for all women and all skin tones. In a simple swipe, it blurs all the small imperfections and refreshes the skin. It absorbs excess sebum and is very effective on all parts of the face, especially on the T zone, made up of the chin, nose and forehead. With it, your skin will no longer suffer from excess shine and your skin surface will shine with new freshness! What’s more, the Blur & Go Stick tightens the pores of the epidermis and makes the face instantly smoother. By doing so, it prevents clogging of the skin and therefore the appearance of imperfections.

The Blur & Go Stick, as a base or as a touch-up

The Blur & Go Stick can be used as a make-up base. In this case, it is applied to previously cleansed skin, just before the foundation. It mattifies the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, and increases the adhesion of makeup. What’s more, its nomadic format allows it to slip easily into any handbag. Thus, it can also be used as a touch-up during the day. In this case, it absorbs the excess shine and gives your skin an immediately matte and fresher appearance. Immediately, its light formula melts with your face. Non-sticky, it brings an instant sensation of well-being and comfort.

All Lancôme technology at the service of your skin

To achieve such results, the Blur & Go Stick contains elastomeric and silicone filling particles. These standardize the face and blur its flaws. Perlite, on the other hand, absorbs moisture, perspiration and sebum. It is this which contributes to the dullness of the face. Finally, cyclohexasiloxane promotes makeup fixation and prolongs the adhesion of your foundation.

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