BrandArmaniTwo muses of Emporio Armani's “Together Stronger” commercial, with...

Two muses of Emporio Armani’s “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult


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Two muses of Emporio Armani's “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult
Two muses of Emporio Armani’s “Together Stronger” commercial, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult

“Together Stronger”, the new commercial of Emporio Armani, with Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult

For several years now, the Armani house has been presenting a couple of perfumes, the strength of which seems to be increased tenfold by the omnipotence of loving feelings. The Armani man and woman are quite simply inseparable. Together they are stronger and nothing can stop them! Continuing this momentum, the Italian brand has just presented its new couple for the year 2020, consisting of the essences In Love With You Freeze and Stronger With You Freeze. In addition, to better set the scene for this novel romance, Armani has also just unveiled the new advertisement. So how about following this passionate couple?

Who are the two muses of the “Together Stronger” ad?

Advertising for the Emporio Armani brand features two new muses: Alice Pagani and Nicholas Hoult. Gallantry obliges, let’s start by making the presentations with Alice Pagani… The young woman is an Italian actress, mainly known for her role in the series “Baby” of Netflix, in which she plays Ludovica Storti. Nicholas Hoult, meanwhile, is a British actor, who has already to his credit several roles in blockbusters, such as “X-Men”, or the films “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Tolkien”.

The “Together Stronger” ad, a long and passionate romance

The “Together Stronger” ad surprises with its format. Indeed, it lasts all the same more than three minutes in its long version, even if of course other shorter versions of this campaign will also be diffused on the screens. In this commercial, the two muses of Armani are staged in different places where they let their feelings speak, mainly through fiery exchanges of kisses. The game is played first in two cars interposed. Then, the couple meet again at nightfall in a carousel. The atmosphere then becomes more magical. Nicholas Hoult then joined Alice Pagani in her bath, without even bothering to take off her clothes. Finally, the advertisement ends on the station platform. Taken by feelings that are too strong, Nicholas Hoult cannot bring himself to let his beloved go. He decides to get on the already moving train to exchange, again, a sulphurous kiss with Alice Pagani. Here, the two protagonists of this advertising campaign are directed by director Fabien Constant and are photographed by Damon Baker.

Emporio Armani fragrances are among the most anticipated scent releases of 2020. For men, Stronger With You Freeze is a woody fern capturing the energy of citrus. For women, In Love With You Freeze is like a spark of love rocked by a floral and fruity trail. The result is fragrances synonymous with love, a “joyful love, still as strong every day as the very first day”.

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