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BrandHermèsTwilly d'Hermès: from the little scarf to the perfume

Twilly d’Hermès: from the little scarf to the perfume


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Twilly d'Hermès: from the little scarf to the perfume
Twilly d’Hermès: from the little scarf to the perfume

Twilly, a trio of daring ingredients embellished with a seductive bottle

It was in the middle of the 1940s that the Hermès silk scarf made its appearance. Today, it has become an iconic couture piece famous around the world. It comes in different sizes of which the Twilly is the smallest. If the Twilly is worn in different ways, it had so far never been available in the form of a perfume. Well, it is now done! So let’s see how Hermès managed to reclaim this little piece of silk to make it one of the most anticipated perfumes of 2017 …

Twilly, the iconic Lanterne d’Hermès bottle adorned with a seductive accessory

First of all, let’s start by underlining the very careful and particularly sparkling aesthetic of the Twilly bottle. This new fragrancecomes in a container that is both classic and innovative. Its shape is known to all. Twilly comes in the iconic Lanterne d’Hermès bottle. It is a slender glass column, directly inspired by the lantern located at the front of the carriages of yesteryear. This container is similar to all Hermès bottles. Renewing with a generous gesture, it is equipped with a screw cap allowing a use in splash. However, if you are a fan of the spray, be aware that it can be replaced by a vaporizer. Its opaque black cap then contrasts clearly with the transparency of its base. The latter reveals an invigorating and spicy color: orange. This shade was not chosen at random. Orange is always associated with optimism, open-mindedness, creativity and communication. Here, it makes Twilly a concentrate of good humor. Finally, as if to bind the two parts of this container, an elegant silk tie has been tied at the level of its collar. Of course, this is a nod to Twilly, even if it is a much smaller piece to respect the proportions of this perfume. Very colorful, this couture piece is different on all Twilly bottles. Thus, you will inevitably have in your hands a unique creation.

The simple but daring fragrance of Twilly

On the scent side, the Twilly recipeis the work of the exclusive Hermès perfumer: Christine Nagel. In this position since 2014, she is today considered one of the most talented women in this sector. Formerly more oriented towards chemistry than the artistic universe, it has now completely left its technical straitjacket to give free rein to its creativity. Here, she chose to make a perfume revolving around three major ingredients. “Ginger, tuberose and sandalwood are diverted there to become bite which burns, attraction which disturbs, carnal which is revealed”. As you can see, Twilly begins with the fresh and spicy breath of ginger. This ingredient immediately gives the whole a peppery and soapy appearance. It is relayed by the femininity of the tuberose. Finally, Twilly ends with more sweetness. It is finally enveloped in the creamy smoothness of sandalwood. The result is a composition that is both simple but masterfully orchestrated, worthy of all the know-how of Christine Nagel.

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