PerfumeTurquoise Summer the scented butterfly of summer 2015 Escada

Turquoise Summer the scented butterfly of summer 2015 Escada


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Turquoise Summer the scented butterfly of summer 2015
Turquoise Summer the scented butterfly of summer 2015

Since 1993, the Escada perfume house has specialized in tender and fruity summer fragrances. Since Chiffon Sorbet, each summer season has its own limited edition juice and 2015 will be no exception to the rule with Turquoise Summer . Joyful and fruity, the pretty Turquoise Summer is also warm and sensual to better embalm us with the rays of orange blossom sun… A delight that made such a success that it is even still possible to obtain this precious today. liquid, so what are we waiting for?

Walk in the extraordinary Turquoise Summer garden of Escada

Escada is, above all, a fashion house created in 1976 by a passionate couple named Wolfgang and Margaretha Ley. Mr. Ley manages the sales, and the administrative part while his wife works mainly on easy-going and colorful creations. Quickly becoming a great haute-couture house, Escada launched into perfumery in 1990 with Margaretha Ley.

As early as 1993 Chiffon Sorbet, the pretty floral fruity offered itself as a unique summer vintage that would become the first in a long limited edition collection that will successfully enchant us with a different fragrance every year. Born in Paradise, Rockin’Rio, Agua del Sol are all summer fragrances that have become legendary. It is estimated that since 1993, Escada has sold around 40 million bottles of their summer perfumes, which is to say if Escada summer lovers are impatiently awaiting the release of a new juice !

In 2015 it is the beautiful Turquoise Summer that will delight lovers of fruity and floral fragrances. All dressed in blue, Turquoise Summer will be highlighted in a magical advertising campaign.

Delicately designed by Sarah Arnett, the world of Turquoise Summer is adorned with multicolored butterflies and gardens of Eden where the woman like a wood fairy blossoms like a flower in the sun. Orchestrated by original rock n’roll music giving a dynamic tone to this magical ensemble, Turquoise Summer’s advertising will not leave anyone indifferent for sure!

“The ESCADA woman is naturally drawn to the limelight and appreciates a feminine and glamorous style that nevertheless remains fresh and modern. »Escada.

Turquoise Summer, a scent of sun and escape

The pretty bottle of Turquoise Summer is of course the same as those of the twenty-three previous summer opuses, the first of which was Chiffon Sorbet. On the other hand this year, the glass is dressed in a bright turquoise blue and an opulent packaging of flowers and magical butterflies. A delicate surprise, a pink ring comes to rest like a butterfly on the cabochon of this pretty Turquoise Summer!

Turquoise Summer was composed by Frank Voelkl.

He chooses to favor citrus accords associated with a green note in the top notes while punctuating it with violet and rhubarb. At the heart, a farandole of fruits has come together for this Turquoise Summer; pineapple, blackcurrant, raspberry, peach and melon carry us away in their sweet and delicious freshness.

The rose married to this fruity heart becomes delicate floral sweetness. Finally, white musks and sandalwood bring their sensual warmth to the greedy depths of hot milk, caramel and vanilla.

“The New Escada Turquoise Summer Limited Edition is a playful red berry sorbet – a fragrance that announces a new summer season and opens the doors to summer for you. »Escada for Turquoise Summer.

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