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PerfumeMen's PerfumeTurbulences perfume, on the way to the most beautiful...

Turbulences perfume, on the way to the most beautiful of journeys!


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Turbulence, on the way to the most beautiful of trips!
Turbulence, on the way to the most beautiful of trips!

Founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton (1821-1892), the brand of the same name has crossed the ages by establishing itself as the emblem of French luxury luggage. Visionary and avant-garde, the Louis Vuitton brand has revolutionized the world of travel. In 1896, Georges Vuitton, the founder’s son, will deposit the monogram which will become the emblem of the brand, “LV”. Building on its many successes, Louis Vuitton launched into perfumery in 2016. It is not one, but 7 fragrances that it presents to us through the “Louis Vuitton Parfums” collection. With “Turbulences”, he reveals an extreme tuberose ready to capsize our hearts.

The exceptional range of “Louis Vuitton Parfums”

Louis Vuitton explains its legitimacy in returning to the world of perfumes “The legendary attachment of the trunk maker for beauty essentials and travel bottles, during the 20th century”. Indeed, the most luxurious luggage created by the brand, contained padded compartments to protect fragile objects such as perfume bottles.

While Louis Vuitton’s first perfume dates back to 1927, “Heures d’Absence”, the latter did not achieve the expected success. In 2016, he decided to join forces with Jacques Cavallier Belletrud nose to create a collection that sublimates noble and rare materials. “Turbulence” connects us directly to our emotions , to our memory and takes us to an unknown world. Through “Turbulences”, the Louis Vuitton brand reminds us “that it is sometimes necessary to close your eyes to be transported to the other side of your own world”.

Turbulence and its contrasting notes

Like the 6 other fragrances , the brand has highlighted rare and noble ingredients, often worked in different ways. Here, it is the addictive tuberose that is in the spotlight. It is associated with jasmine and May rose. “Turbulence” begins with the magical scent of Grasse jasmine. Considered the heritage of the city of Grasse, this little white flower is very popular with perfumers. The heart is then invaded by tuberose, opulent, delicate, but never overwhelming.

If the tuberose originates from Mexico, it was introduced to Grasse in the 17th century. Here, tuberose offers several of its facets, namely waxed, honeyed, creamy and warm notes. Sometimes tuberose is confused with orange blossom because they give off the same brightness. The base is sublimated thanks to accords of leather, sandalwood and musk, giving the whole composition an ultra addictive side. The bottle is similar to the 7 fragrances. It is the work of Australian designer Marc Newson.

Very popular, the latter is known for its daring and refined designs. It is precisely this minimalist bottle that we discover here for all the bottles in the collection. The glass is heavy and looks like an apothecary’s vial. The whole is topped with a black metallic cap highlighting the brand’s “LV” emblem. Its transparent base lets us glimpse the yellow-golden color of its radiant nectar.

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