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BrandTrait de Caractère Eye Shadow Palette by chanel

Trait de Caractère Eye Shadow Palette by chanel


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Trait de Caractère Eye Shadow Palette by chanel
Trait de Caractère Eye Shadow Palette by chanel

Born in Saumur in 1883, Gabrielle Chanel marked the history of fashion, but also the history of the liberation of women. Nicknamed “Coco Chanel” or “Mademoiselle”, Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique, rue Cambon in 1910. Her store was then called “Chanel Modes”. Independent, Coco Chanel does nothing like the others. She will open 2 other boutiques presenting short, elegant and colorful feminine outfits, putting the desire of women at the heart of her ideas. Free and attractive, Mademoiselle will remain an icon forever. Here, Chanel presents “Trait de Caractère Eyeshadow Palette”.

Between innovation and creativity, the Chanel Eye Shadow Palette Trait de Caractère

“Trait de Caractère Eyeshadow Palette” is a palette of four eye shadows that incorporates the best of innovation, at the service of creativity. Its optimized formula combines softness and ease of application. The color is very intense here. The colors will then be faithful, bright and homogeneous throughout the day. The shades are available in various effects, namely mat, satin, iridescent or metallic. The four eyeshadows are infinitely modulated and create a look that you can choose, either natural, intense, almond or even smoky. The “Trait de Caractère Eyeshadow Palette” is contained in the famous black lacquered case and it is composed of 5 eye shadows which combine depth and lightness, namely the colors pink flesh, ivory patinated with metal, intense aubergine, petroleum and iridescent malachite green. Its formula is intended to serve color and technology. Indeed, it contains,
An exceptional concentration of long-lasting pure pigments which allows a wider range of effects and intensity,
A gelling system and a mixture of polymers and spherical powders which provide a soft, creamy and slippery texture as well as shades that blend perfectly well with each other. The whole will offer you a homogeneous makeup result,
A unique manufacturing process for easy application and intense coverage.
Chanel “Trait de Caractère Eyeshadow Palette” is ophthalmologically tested and is perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Chanel Trait de Caractère Eye Shadow Palette, usage tips

Each “Trait de Caractère” palette consists of two intermediate shades, to blend in or to apply in contrast, a dark shade to intensify, sculpt and bring depth, and a light shade to illuminate and open up the body. look. To make the best use of your eye shadow, it is recommended to apply the color using the foam tip, then blend the shades using the brush applicator. It is advisable to always apply the lightest shadows at the base, or under the browbone, to illuminate your eyes. As for the darker shadows, it is advisable to place them on the outer corner of the eye, or on the mobile eyelid, in order to structure and intensify your gaze.

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