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PerfumeTornade Blonde, a scented invitation that couldn't be more...

Tornade Blonde, a scented invitation that couldn’t be more sulphurous


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Tornade Blonde, an invitation that could not be more sulphurous
Tornade Blonde, an invitation that could not be more sulphurous

Christian Louboutin’s luxury shoes have established themselves as essential elements of today’s fashion. Sexy, provocative, Christian Louboutin’s shoes reflect the image he has of women.

Since 2002, when Yves Saint-Laurent put on the models of his show with Louboutin shoes, the latter have been selling like hot cakes all over the world. Building on its success, Christian Louboutin launched into perfumery in 2016, releasing 3 simultaneous fragrances “Trouble in Heaven, Bikini Questa Sera” and “Tornade Blonde”.

Tornade Blonde, a state of mind, a philosophy of life

More than a color or a smell, Christian Louboutin wanted “Tornade Blonde” to be considered as a new state of mind, a philosophy of life. Like the other two fragrances, “Tornade Blonde” reflects the woman according to Christian Louboutin. Perched on 12 cm high red pumps, the “Tornade Blonde” woman is sexy and provocative. Here, she invites us to follow an unknown path, a path that promises to be sulphurous. “Tornade Blonde” is considered an animal, wild and floral juice. Its powerful is unlike any other fragrance.

Thanks to “Tornade Blonde”, Christian Louboutin has decided to sublimate women around the world. “Tornade Blonde” leaves behind her, a trace of light like a comet in the night … “She passed so quickly, she overwhelmed me. I barely saw his face. What she left me? A wake of golden light. Was she dancing? I know she was laughing. I can’t forget it ”…

The ultra seductive notes of Tornade Blonde

“Tornade Blonde” is defined as the scent of love and adventure, a sublime languid red rose on a bed of tender violets and blackcurrant.

“Tornade Blonde” begins with a confusing blend, to say the least, associating the fruity flavor of rhubarb with that of blackcurrant bud, with the vegetal tone of violet and again with the animal aspect of ambrette.

The heart of “Tornade Blonde” is ultra floral and feminine, because it combines Bulgarian rose, gardenia, jasmine and orange blossom which gives the whole an unprecedented luminosity. Sensual and enveloping, the base of “Tornade Blonde” associates sandalwood, patchouli, amber and cedar.

Like the other two fragrances , the bottle of “Tornade Blonde” looks like an exceptionally artistic and precious jewel. Both tactile and hypnotic, Christian Louboutin bottles are considered true works of art. The glass curves and arches, as if to better capture the light. The colors are thus sublimated.

The design of the bottle is inspired by the initial idea of ​​the drape and twist of the glass, creating a very natural visual dynamic. Here, the bottle is adorned with a totally magnetic gradient, ranging from golden blonde to flamboyant red.

An electric and luminous composition. “Tornade Blonde” is one of the first three fragrances of the Louboutin brand. Like the red pumps with heels, “Tornade Blonde” delivers a fragrance that could not be sexier.

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