BrandTom Ford Noir for Women, between power and romanticism

Tom Ford Noir for Women, between power and romanticism


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Tom Ford Noir for Women, between power and romanticism
Tom Ford Noir for Women, between power and romanticism

Thomas Ford was born in 1961 in Texas. A graduate in architecture and art history, Tom Ford joined the Gucci brand in 1991 in Milan. He became creative director in 1992 and artistic director in 1994.

Defined through the “chic porn” trend, the creations for women are in real opposition to those of the previous decade. His first perfume “Black Orchid” saw the light of day in 2005. In 2015, Tom Ford presented “Tom Ford Noir pour Femme”, a fragrance made of contrast and paradox, to say the least mysterious.

The woman according to Tom Ford

With “Tom Ford Noir pour Femme”, the talented designer wanted to honor the fascinating paradox of women who oscillate between claimed confidence and fragile romanticism … In 2012, Tom Ford presented “  Noir pour Homme  ”. This perfume highlighted the different and multiple personalities of man. Because Tom Ford considered “Noir pour Homme” to be one of his most personal fragrances, he wanted to create his female counterpart.

Like its male alter ego, “Noir Pour Femme” is built on the different facets of women. In addition, Tom Ford plays on the contrasts, the paradoxes of women, those which make her both strong and sensitive. “Tom Ford Noir pour Femme” is just as evocative as a little black dress with a low cut showing a bare shoulder or an irresistible part of her back drop …

The enigmatic notes of Tom Ford Noir for Women

“Tom Ford Noir pour Femme” opens with citrus notes of bitter orange, tangerine and bergamot. These are quickly joined by ginger. The heart juxtaposes an ultra feminine rose with a fresh and precious iris. Jasmine and orange blossom here offer all their luminosity. “Noir pour Femme” evolves into a daring oriental trail of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. A refined and uncluttered bottle that uses the famous fluted glass of the Tom Ford brand. The bottle is adorned with a deep black color. It is topped by an ultra prestigious golden cap. The whole is breathtakingly feminine elegance.

Three years after the men’s version “Noir pour Homme”, the brand unveils “Noir pour Femme”. Just as powerful as its counterpart, “Noir pour Femme” highlights the different facets of the facet. Tom Ford plays here on contrasts and insists on the luminous paradox of women, which lies between romanticism and power. The ingredients are rare, daring and ultra prestigious. An essence that emphasizes the duality of woman.

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