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BrandTocade: The daring of Madame Rochas!

Tocade: The daring of Madame Rochas!


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Tocade: The daring of Madame Rochas!

In 1990 after having abandoned the haute couture business of the house for 40 years, Rochas creations were reborn from the hands of Peter O’Brien. As a nod to this homecoming, the handsome Tocade came out in 1994 as colorful as a multicolored ray of sunshine and stylized as a couture dress. Joyful and dapper , Tocade signs with its vanilla oriental scents a luminous femininity perfectly suited to its decade.

Tocade a radiant fragrance that has survived the ages

The Rochas perfume house has always known, whether under the aegis of Marcel Rochas or his wife Hélène, to mark the spirits of its perfumes which exude the spirit of the times. Woman has found her way into the joy found at the end of the war, Madame Rochas has dug the furrow of independent women, Eau de Rochas exudes the lively freshness of the 70s and it seems that the beautiful Tocade is a concentrate of what woman wants joy in these 90s!

Because Tocade is not only an elixir of femininity, it exudes happiness. Through its colorful packaging like its bottle or even through the different visuals, Tocade offers women its colorful and sparkling universe where the smile is omnipresent. Thus the venerable house does not hesitate to expose its creative madness to dress Tocade in its finery, even if it means abandoning a certain past sobriety.

In addition, the visuals worked for Tocade are all very colorful and are dressed in the presence of an elegant young woman in red, as sparkling as she is seductive. The red dress will in a way become the “red thread” of Tocade advertisements through the changes of muses or eras. Tocade dares and disposes, but will never go unnoticed!

“A perfume of absolute daring” Rochas for Tocade.

Tocade or the rose-vanilla accords typical of the 90s in perfumery

The Tocade bottle is the very example of the art of glass in the service of the creation of perfume bottles. Signed by the artist Serge Mansau, Tocade’s slender glass seems to represent a slender and devilishly elegant woman who wears, a sign of supreme chic and daring, an enormous red hat topped with a pearl necklace. This red hat is supported by a long bright blue collar, quite in the color ranges trends of the time.

The pretty Tocade, signed by Maurice Roucel, offers us a very citrus thrust of bergamot that will combine with the floral sweetness of the magnolia. Then the rose, queen of this perfume, comes to bring the power of its splendor to its companions of heart which are jasmine and lily of the valley. However, the beautiful and luminous Tocade woman will blend in with darker notes of cedar, tonka bean and amber, as if to better powder herself with a few very elegant irises. A hint of vanilla will be added to these deep sensualities to bring gourmet and playful joy.

“Perfume that dares!” Tocade is part of the great tradition of Maison Rochas, which embraces the joy of life, impertinence and happiness with the same enthusiasm. A floral-oriental that inaugurates the notion of gourmandise in high perfumery. Rochas for Tocade.

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