BrandTocade de Rochas, a juice that does not lack...

Tocade de Rochas, a juice that does not lack personality


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Tocade de Rochas, a juice that does not lack personality
Tocade de Rochas, a juice that does not lack personality

Tocade is an iconic juice that is part of the great Rochas house. It is the work of an incredible talent that has allowed him to cross the years. Indeed, it was born in 1994. It is presented in a magnificent amphora bottle, whose curves are reminiscent of those of a woman. This essence does not lack personality and is a concentrate of joie de vivre. She is wacky, daring and very feminine at the same time. It embodies the whole spirit of the Rochas house, marvelously combining creativity, impertinence and elegance.

Tocade’s astonishing joie de vivre

Tocade, like most Rochas perfumes, celebrates femininity. However, Rochas imagines this time the particularly happy woman. Tocade is an ode to the joy of living, an essence filled with happiness. The woman who wears this perfume then becomes one could not be more crisp. Living with him is a real pleasure. Tocade illuminates us with his joyful smile and his pleasure is communicative. Her femininity is heightened and her fragrance is a filter of good humor to be shared without moderation. The latter was imagined by Maurice Roucel. It opens with the freshness of bergamot, combined with the smoother spirit of apricot and peach. This is undoubtedly where its tender orange color comes from. Then, her femininity becomes more daring and we see some green notes appear. Its lightness draws its source from a bouquet of lily of the valley accompanied by magnolia and jasmine. The rendering is particularly delicate and becomes very noble with the addition of the rose. This one is worked in a very vanilla way and is associated with a touch of nutmeg. This harmony gives off very extravagant scents. In addition, this original floral bouquet is enveloped in cedar wood and reinforces its character via patchouli. However, Tocade is a perfume which remains round and which is further enhanced by musk, amber, benzoin or iris.

Rochas revisits its initial bottle

The initial bottle of Tocadetakes the form of an amphora. It is as intriguing and captivating as a magic wand. Under his mysterious air, he exudes a great femininity. Its silhouette is thin and particularly elegant. She then wears a most surprising cap which slips into its top like a hat. It takes the form of a small red cone surmounting a pearl similar to a face. Likewise, her blue collar is particularly eye-catching. The Tocade bottle is the fruit of an overflowing imagination and is unlike any other. However, it was readjusted in 2014. It now pays tribute to the Woman perfume released in 1944. Gone is the slender shape, it is now more curved. Its base is round but tightens at the level of its neck and the whole becomes flared again with its stopper.

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