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PerfumeThis Is Us, the Zadig & Voltaire tribe united...

This Is Us, the Zadig & Voltaire tribe united in an advertisement


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This Is Us, the Zadig & Voltaire tribe united in an advertisement
This Is Us, the Zadig & Voltaire tribe united in an advertisement

Usually, perfumes have genres. They are aimed either at women or at men. Few of the fragrances intertwine the sexes and target all generations. This approach was initiated by Calvin Klein in the 90s. Since then, certain perfumers have dared to embark on this adventure. This is the case with Zadig & Voltaire and its perfume This Is Us. Obviously, to establish its notoriety, it is already accompanied by an advertisement. Decryption of the strong message conveyed by its advertising campaign …

This Is Us by Zadig & Voltaire, a fragrance to be shared

Let’s start by making the introductions and setting the scene for this new perfume. This Is Us by Zadig & Voltaire is an eau de toilette made from vanilla, cashmeran and sandalwood. Sparkling and luminous, this juice ends with an enveloping addiction suitable for both men and women. Moreover, no one can really give age to this perfume. This one is suitable for all occasions, whatever the generations. The message is clear: This Is Us by Zadig & Voltaire is shared. It brings together “all the members of the Zadig tribe […] An eternally young tribe, which feels free. A tribe of friends, united by the same fragrance. A community of love. Of life. Forever. A fragrance that brings people together, like an emblem. A fragrance to share, a fragrance for you, a fragrance for us ”.

The attributes of the Zadig & Voltaire bottle in an advertisement

This Is Us comes in a glass case, the front of which is decorated with numerous inscriptions. But more than just letters, they are strong messages. The words that appear on its walls reappear several times in the advertising for this perfume: “No generation”, “Live”, “Love”, “Rock”, “Freedom”, “Nevermind”, “Forever Young”…

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