PerfumeMen's PerfumeThis is Love! For him, the smell of charm...

This is Love! For him, the smell of charm according to Zadig & Voltaire


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This is Love!  For him, the smell of charm according to Zadig & Voltaire
This is Love! For him, the smell of charm according to Zadig & Voltaire

This is Love! For Him by Zadig & Voltaire, the scent of carnal and electric love

To take off, in 1996, the Zadig & Voltaire brand chose to set up its first store on the left bank of the Seine, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. However, it is precisely in this Paris that she knows well that the story of her new male perfume is played out. This is Love! Pour Lui portrays us the portrait of a fiery urban Parisian, launching himself body and soul into a new love story. More than ever, the atmosphere is electrifying! So, how about blurring the Parisian gray with the intoxicating breath of this new carnal essence?

This is Love! For Him, a fragrance designed to warm the atmosphere

This is Love! Pour Lui is a fragrance that invites itself in the cold of winter and which intends to warm up your coldest days. With him, the temperature immediately rises a notch! Still, it starts off well with an invigorating bergamot-based thrill. The citrus breath of this citrus captures attention and melts on male skin. Then, the heart of This is Love! For Him lights up with orange blossom. This typical plant from the south of France exalts sensuality. This is Love! For Him becomes a radiant fragrance of seduction. From then on, the atmosphere warms up, to the point of imprisoning itself in a cloud of sandalwood. The basis of This is Love! For Him suddenly becomes more manly, giving this composition a particularly addictive conclusion.

Zadig & Voltaire dares an unexpected new color on its bottle

Like the perfume it contains, the Zadig & Voltaire bottle is not made to go unnoticed. Its shape remains the same as that of its predecessors. Thus, this bottle forms a thick cube of glass, one of the walls of which seems to have been broken with a quick gesture, to the point of drawing an irregular surface. On the other hand, this time, Zadig & Voltaire has completely abandoned its neutral colors of yesteryear in favor of more electrifying shades. This is Love! Pour Lui offers a gradient evolving from blue to yellow, for a rich rendering of new energy.

This is Love! For Him, the scent of a confident man

This is Love! Pour Lui is a perfume designed for those who are not afraid of anything. He tells us “the story of a love at first sight between two lovers, in the heart of a Paris they know by heart”. Similar to a caress on the skin, it is not meant to be indifferent! Her warmth, at first tender, gradually transforms into a more burning desire. This is Love! For Him evokes an incandescent love, at the very moment when everything changes, when time stands still and where only contact with the body of his partner counts.

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