PerfumeMen's PerfumeThis is Him Capsule Collection, Zadig & Voltaire tattoos...

This is Him Capsule Collection, Zadig & Voltaire tattoos their new perfume!


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This is Him Capsule Collection, Zadig & Voltaire tattoos their new perfume!
This is Him Capsule Collection, Zadig & Voltaire tattoos their new perfume!

Known for its rock ‘n’ roll style in sewing, Zadig & Voltaire very recently launched into the world of perfumery. In perfect correlation with the style of Zadig & Voltaire, the latest men’s fragrance from Zadig & Voltaire has already been widely talked about …

This is Him is an authentic juice , single-handedly opposing refined elegance and natural, raw masculinity. Faced with the enthusiasm of men towards it, Zadig & Voltaire has decided today to enter a limited edition. This is called This is Him Capsule Collection and plunges us into a world more rebellious than ever. This is Him Capsule Collection is now dressed in tattoos.

The new This is Him Capsule Collection perfume bottle

This is Him Capsule Collection is a perfume whose main interest lies in the bottle. Indeed, its fragrance remains very interesting but it is a scent similar to the previous This is Him. This limited edition signed Zadig & Voltaire only makes a visual change here, not an olfactory one. Its bottle has retained its old form.

It is a thick rectangular glass cube resting on a solid base. Thus, This is Him Capsule Collection embodies the image of a powerful and self-confident man. Its old black color is still present. Likewise, three of its faces are completely smooth and flat while its right side is rougher. So far, nothing very innovative… Yes, but there you have it, Zadig & Voltaire has added to all this many patterns resembling tattoos and drawn in white color. To make this new packaging, Zadig & Voltaire called on the American tattoo artist Virginia Elwood.

However, between the brand and the designer, this collaboration is not a first. Indeed, Virginia Elwood is already at the origin of the last collection for spring 2017 from Zadig & Voltaire. It is to her that we owe the gothic printed numbers reminiscent of the circus world of the brand’s recent clothes. Thus, from the world of couture to that of perfumery , there seems to be only one step. What is more, the art of tattooing fits perfectly into the somewhat rebellious philosophy of the house of Zadig & Voltaire.

Zadig & Voltaire opts for This is Him an unchanged fragrance

As we stated earlier, the recipe for This is Him Capsule Collection is exactly the same as for the previous This is Him . Made by perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Aurélien Guichard, this fragrance is both powerful and racy. Its start dares a contrasting combination of grapefruit and black pepper. However, the spices quickly gain the upper hand and then evolve towards a more balsamic heart. The center of this fragrance is especially full of vanilla and incense. A smoky breath also joins the game. Finally, the masculinity of This is Him Capsule Collection is expressed in its more woody and enveloping trail sewn with sandalwood.

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