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The Weaves of CHANEL


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The Weaves of CHANEL
The Weaves of CHANEL

Les Tissages de Chanel, new couture blushes from the house of Chanel

The name of the house of Chanel alone is enough to make us fall into a luxurious and madly refined universe. Indeed, it has been synonymous since the dawn of Haute Couture, catwalks, stars and red carpets. Also, as if to pay tribute to the brand’s famous tweed-style weaves, Chanel has developed blushes with a similar texture. The latter have a light, transparent and satin formula while revealing a rendering similar to a couture weave. So, from the world of fashion to that of makeup, suddenly there seems to be only one step.

A look back at the history of Chanel’s iconic Tweed

To better understand this new beauty product, how about taking a leap in time to better understand the history of Chanel tweed ? This dates back to the year 1954, when Gabrielle Chanel was 71 years old. The latter was always eager to sublimate women with avant-garde and to offer them comfortable clothes. “I want to allow women to move easily,” she said, “not to feel disguised, not to change their attitude of being”. However, it was in Scotland, alongside the Duke of Westminster, that Gabrielle Chanel discovered tweed.

From then on, she made a jacket very inspired by the codes of men’s fashion but associated with a wrap skirt stopping at the knees. Chanel’s tweed jackets were notably inspired by Austrian military uniforms, displaying exemplary flexibility and offering total freedom of movement. The success of this new couture piece was absolutely immense to such an extent that it still cannot be denied today.

Moreover, this emblematic fabric was very widely used by Karl Lagerfeld when he was at the head of the creation of the house of Chanel. Also, even if the world of Chanel is also available today in the makeup department, the brand seems to have wanted to pay a final tribute to its history …

The couture spirit of Chanel’s new Tissages

If Chanel decided to call its new blush Les Tissages de Chanel, it is quite simply because the latter displays a compact powder and the same patterns as that of the brand’s tweed jackets. Their small rectangular case brings together two shades sprinkled with golden or silver mother-of-pearl, and lightly woven to reveal the splendor of their brilliance. Everything is designed in a soft and airy texture facilitating their application. Moreover, Chanel also provided an applicator brush with its new product.

Les Tissages de Chanel offers a transparent and satin finish, creating a subtle play of light and shadow on the face. These are to be applied on the cheekbones as if to add a touch of light color and an additional radiance to the face. Their intensity modulates according to your passages, creating a more or less contrasted rendering as you wish. Finally, for a result perfectly suited to your skin tone, know that Les Tissages de Chanel is available in six different colors.

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