Jean Paul GaultierThe Ultra Male, Jean Paul Gaultier's new sailor

The Ultra Male, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new sailor


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The Ultra Male, Jean Paul Gaultier's new sailor
The Ultra Male, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new sailor

Jean-Paul Gaultier is a renowned designer whose originality is well established. This outgoing and extravagant character has no shortage of ideas and rivals ingenuity in terms of creation. Otherwise known as the “enfant terrible of fashion”, he seems to turn everything he touches into gold. Also, among its cult essences, the Male is undeniably its bestseller. This legendary perfume is known to every man and it still appears at the top of the sales despite the years that go by. It is therefore in this continuity that Jean-Paul Gaultier has decided to revisit his star perfume and put it back in the spotlight in 2015. He has thus created a new version simply called Ultra Male. And at the end of 2016, an intense version of the brand’s legendary masculine scent has just seen the light of day:The Essence of Perfume .

Revisiting a great classic by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle is a perfume that saw the light of day in 1995. With the latter, Jean-Paul Gaultier wanted to create an essence in his image. Of course, this is noticeable from the bottle. Indeed, it takes the form of a man’s bust dressed in the couturier’s favorite sailor top. Also, its smell is now known to all. It evokes in particular that of a barber of the past. As soon as it was released, Le Mâle was an essence that was all the rage. Its success was growing and was never denied. It has been going on for 20 years and Le Mâle is still one of the three favorite perfumes of the French. Of course, and this is the lot of every bestseller of the major perfumeries, Le Mâle has been revisited many times. Also, it is only logical that the Ultra Male perfume made its appearance in September 2015. This one obviously retains the soul of its elder brother but adjusts its composition to make it even more powerful.

L’Ultra-Mâle, the fragrance of an even more sensual man

As the name of this perfume suggests, Ultra-Male heightens the masculinity of the man who wears it. This frees all the virility that lies dormant in him and that only makes him more sensual. Also, in order to crack the women who will cross his trail, this one does not forget to combine its power with a touch of gluttony. Of course, the Ultra-Male releases, like its elder, powerful scents of lavender. This is however softened by the presence of vanilla. Ultra-Male is a sulphurous and charming fragrance that does not lack character. In this case, it is displayed through the presence of spices. With it, provocation becomes a delicious asset that is impossible to resist. Its bottle, like its smell, also intensified the color of its glass.

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