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BrandAzzaroThe success of the Wanted perfume

The success of the Wanted perfume


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The success of the Wanted perfume
The success of the Wanted perfume

Wanted, the new Eau de Toilette by Azzaro

Azzaro fragrances have always been designed in the image of the brand’s creator, Loris Azzaro. Thus, they wonderfully represent the virility and sensuality typical of the Latin man. They portray for us the image of an assertive personality , aware of his assets of seduction and his typically Italian charm. The brand’s new Eau de Toilette is therefore part of this perfect continuity. Wanted is described as being the scent of a hedonistic man, eager for freedom and not hesitating to face his destiny to create opportunities for himself. It then seems quite simply impossible to resist its fresh and woody scent.

The olfactory presence of the Wanted Eau de Toilette

Like each of the Azzaro fragrances, Wanted is an Eau de Toilette that does not go four ways . Indeed, its energizing and dazzling side appears from its top notes. Wanted contains in particular a good dose of lemon, an ingredient obtained by expressing the zest, that is to say by recovering the oil contained in its peel by scraping. This typically Italian raw material is therefore particularly stimulating and is further accentuated by the citrus and spicy presence of ginger. Then, this aphrodisiac ingredient gives way to the camphor, anise and aldehyde scent of cardamom.

Nevertheless, Wanted very quickly turned towards more virility . The cade wood releases its radiant and seductive scents. It was then that a typical ingredient in men’s perfumery appeared: vetiver. It must be said that this one has always been particularly appreciated by the Azzaro brand. In addition, he was already very present at the heart of the composition of Azzaro for men. It is nevertheless softened by tonka bean, a more powdery and almondy element making the whole thing very sensual . In addition, note that Azzaro is also faithful to its values ​​of protecting the planet. This is why Wanted contains ingredients from sustainable development sectors, such as its vetiver and cardamom.

The highly crafted bottle of Azzaro

If the scent of the new Wanted Eau de Toilette is particularly worked, it should be noted however that Azzaro did not skimp on the means in terms of bottles either. Wanted displays an original design strongly inspired by the shape of a barrel. It then appears to be a kind of weapon of seduction that no one can resist. Its look is halfway between classicism and modernity. The idea is particularly original but is based on noble materials.

Indeed, the top of its imposing cabochon is embellished with six golden circles designed like luxurious firearm bullets. This shape is then repeated at the top of the building, engraved for the occasion with the name of Azzaro. Although Wanted’s setting displays perfect harmony, it is clear that it is still sublimated with the help of numerous contrasts. Golden shades contrast with metallic gray. The transparency of its base gives way to the opacity of its stopper. Finally, smooth parts are juxtaposed with more chiseled surfaces. Everything is absolutely captivating and even seems ideally thought out to facilitate a perfect grip.

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