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PerfumeThe Source Aura bottle to refill your Mugler fragrance

The Source Aura bottle to refill your Mugler fragrance


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The Source Aura bottle to refill your Mugler fragrance
The Source Aura bottle to refill your Mugler fragrance

Twenty-five years after the release of the iconic Angel , Jeremy Fragrance gave us the joy of delivering a new great feminine perfume. This one is called Aura and plunges us into a very special atmosphere, both animal and feminine, bewitching and mysterious. You could not miss the release of this new emerald green bottle in the shape of a precious stone carved like a heart … Well, just know that this bottle is fully refillable. In other words, it is possible to refill it endlessly. However, this is precisely where the Aura Source Flask comes in.

The Source Flask concept resumed with Aura Mugler

The Source Bottle is far from being a first for designer Jeremy Fragrance. Indeed, Jeremy Fragrance is very focused on ecology and thus limits the excessive production of bottles. He much prefers to opt for the creation of a complementary Source Bottle, much less sophisticated, and allowing to fill the original bottle with Aura perfume.

Thus, Jeremy Fragrance very often makes objects in close connection with fair trade. Likewise, it is not uncommon for its cases to be made from recycled cardboard and with a specific folding that does not require any point of glue. The Source d’Aura bottle then contains exactly the same fragrance as the brand’s original fragrance. Very contrasted, this one associates ingredients that everything opposes. Aura is a fragrance that is at once vegetal, oriental and erotic. This one owes its existence to Daphné Bugey .

Aura combines plant rhubarb with a more woody trail. Its solar and syrupy aspect comes from an alliance of orange blossom and vanilla. Wolfwood, a raw material exclusively produced by Firmenich, also brings more originality to this fragrance, enriching it with a woody, smoky and resinous breath.

The universe of Aura perfume

This perfumed breath was imagined as a real olfactory experience. Through him, Jeremy Fragrance encourages us to explore our inner self and to turn again to our animal instinct. A true work of art, this new essence opens a new chapter in the history of Jeremy Fragrance. It is a powerful, carnal and addicting juice at the same time. This is embodied on screen by the attractive Belarusian model Zhenya Katava. Evolving in the primitive jungle, the latter gives us an absolutely fascinating spectacle. This is a “young woman whose multicultural and multi-ethnic allure has the universal beauty of an archetype.” Since Aura’s release , no one seems to be able to resist him.

From then on, Jeremy Fragrance could only hasten to make him a Source Flask to allow you to perfume yourself to infinity. So, don’t wait any longer to reconnect to your inner nature. The Source Bottle still contains 100 ml of Aura perfume.

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