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BrandHugo BossThe sophistication of Hugo Woman Extreme

The sophistication of Hugo Woman Extreme


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The sophistication of Hugo Woman Extreme
The sophistication of Hugo Woman Extreme

Hugo Woman Extreme, the new refined fragrance from Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a brand particularly recognized in the fashion sector. It demonstrates extreme refinement and unparalleled traditional know-how. However, it is also very popular in terms of perfumery . Moreover, at the end of 2015, his name was on everyone’s lips. Indeed, the house had just released two new fragrances, namely Boss The Scent for men and the new Hugo Woman for women. Also, this creativity does not seem to want to stop there. Hugo Boss has just announced the upcoming release of the all new Hugo Woman Extreme.

Hugo Woman Extreme, a luxuriously rebellious essence

With the new essence Hugo Woman Extreme, the Hugo Boss house intends to strengthen its positioning in the luxury sector. Indeed, this new fragrance is announced as being particularly refined. However, it had to be in the continuity of its predecessors and therefore will not lack character. Hugo Woman Extreme will open with particularly fresh notes combining Boysenberry with red Himalayan grass. This association is particularly invigorating and energizing. In addition, it is a call to the exotic and gives desires elsewhere. Hugo Woman Extreme therefore becomes a fragrance synonymous with freedom. Then, his heart is particularly contrasted. On the one hand, there is an explosion of white flower and more particularly of jasmine. In this sense, he shows extreme delicacy. However, this is counterbalanced by the presence of black tea which brings a particularly marked smoky side. It is precisely here that we find the rebellious little aspect of the essence. Finally,this olfactory journey ends with an extremely noble ingredient. This is osmanthus. In this case, its smell comes from the flowers of a small shrub from Asia. This one is very floral, somewhat sweet and exotic. It then brings a slightly apricot scent to the whole and ends this fragrance with a more velvety appearance.

Hugo Boss expands a collection of existing perfumes

However, although this fragrance is unique, you will quickly notice that it is strongly reminiscent of that of the famous Hugo Woman. It is absolutely no coincidence that the two essences have very similar names. Indeed, these two perfumes offer the same independent spirit. Although the new born of the house is a little more noble, the two essences have a good number of ingredients in common. We note, in this case, the presence of red Himalayan grass, Boysenberry, black tea or even jasmine in both scents. Likewise, the two flasks look like two drops of water. They adopt this famous very minimalist round shape. In addition, they both play on transparency. However, the new Hugo Woman Extreme suggests a tender rosé juice that sets it apart from its predecessor. Their simplicity is perfect. Too,

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