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BrandLancômeThe scented daughter of the Trésor by Isabella Rossellini...

The scented daughter of the Trésor by Isabella Rossellini for Lancôme


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The scented daughter of Isabella Rossellini's treasure
The scented daughter of Isabella Rossellini’s treasure

Midnight Rose Treasure

Trésor offered us with poetry the beauty of its floral-fruity accords to the sound of a flight of the piano. Since 1990, only Trésor in Love had succeeded him in 2010. But here it appears barely a year later, to our great pleasure, Trésor Midnight Rose and its oriental scents tinged with fruity delicacies. Mischievous but always so romantic, Trésor Midnight Rose plays with the lights of Paris to enchant us with its amorous delights …

Trésor Midnight Rose, a game of love and chance …

The Lancôme house has always liked to exude the beauty of the City of Light, cradle of fashion and culture, through its various haute-couture and perfumed creations. Trésor, the handsome romantic who came to chase the heady scents of the 80s with his velvety peach flowers, had known how to speak to the hearts of women. Whether through its very feminine scented composition or through its campaign shot with the unforgettable Isabella Rossellini, Trésor marked the 90s with its poetic and romantic beauty.

In order to revive this “treasure” of perfumery, Lancôme still waited for its twentieth birthday, for fear of breaking the spell who knows? However Trésor in Love and then its young successor Trésor Midnight Rose will know how to write new poetic and modern love stories while continuing to sow the poetry of their precious elder.

Trésor Midnight Rose will therefore be highlighted by the sparkling Emma Watson, the unmistakable heroine of Harry Potter. The young woman embodies this Trésor Midnight Rose with the spontaneous charm of her youth while offering her graceful sensuality to this young woman’s perfume . Paris remains of course the favorite place of Trésor and Trésor Midnight Rose will not escape the charm of the “City of Light” where all the most beautiful stories are possible, let us hope that this one becomes!

When the rose turns mischievous, Trésor Midnight Rose comes to light

The Trésor Midnight Rose bottle is much more slender than the very first opus of 1990. However, the glass facets are always illuminated with grace, this time allowing elegant reflections ranging from pink to purple to shine through. Trésor Midnight Rose will even dare to wear a pretty purple rose around its neck to give the final touch to its grace.

Trésor Midnight Rose was composed by Anne Flipo. The designer opens the ball with floral scents with opulent top notes of jasmine and peony. These elegant flowers will be sweetened with pretty blackcurrant berries to be better tamed by spicy pink berries. At the heart, the absolute divine rose, star of the fragrance, marries for the best with a juicy raspberry as delicious as it is lively. Finally, the sensual musk will mix with the woody nervousness of Virginia cedar without forgetting to curl up in some vanilla delicacies.

“Lovely and sexy, you’ll never be where you expect you to be with Trésor Midnight Rose.” Lancôme for Trésor Midnight Rose.

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