BrandHugo BossThe Scent for Her in INTENSE version

The Scent for Her in INTENSE version


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The Scent for Her in intense version
The Scent for Her in intense version

Boss The Scent For Her Intense, the new sensual breath of Hugo Boss

After conquering the world with its masculine fragrance Boss The Scent , the house of Hugo Boss decided to unveil a new scent with exacerbated femininity and named Boss The Scent For Her . The ambition of this perfume was to tell us a budding love story, as attractive as it was seductive. A year having passed since its release, it seems that the feelings of the woman Hugo Boss have intensified. The time is now turned to more carnal embraces. Focus on the brand newcomer to the Hugo Boss brand: Boss The Scent For Her Intense.

Boss The Scent For Her Intense, the reflection of a seductive woman

Boss The Scent For Her Intense follows on from its predecessor. In other words, it is a perfume that proudly displays its femininity. Far from stereotypes, he places seduction as an art totally mastered by women. And yes Gentlemen, you are not the only ones able to orchestrate your fall in love! Boss The Scent For Her Intense woman likes to take the time to seduce, wielding her strengths better than anyone else to hit the man she lusts for in the heart. Boss The Scent For Her Intense is the embodiment of versatile seduction. You have been warned, this is a new advanced weapon to seduce, almost as effective as the arrow of the famous cupid!

Boss The Scent For Her Intense design and recipe

This new fragrance is absolutely seductive in every way, starting with its visual. Indeed, the architecture of its bottle has been very clearly worked by the Hugo Boss house. Faceted like a jewel, its case is very elegant and displays a very slender vertical line. However, this very assertive side is counterbalanced by a certain roundness which says a lot about the generosity of women.

Thus, Boss The Scent For Her Intense is endowed with a visual full of contrasts. Formerly revealing a peachy pink hue, its juice is now more amber and sustained. Boss The Scent For Her Intense gives off a warmer aspect than before. The whole is surmounted by a golden cabochon which illuminates the object with extreme refinement. The visual of this perfume is therefore in perfect harmony with its recipe.

Indeed, its orange color is reminiscent of its top notes. Boss The Scent For Her Intense begins with a blend of honey and peach. Thus, it appears to be a very tender and carnal scent. It would seem almost as soft as a woman’s skin and then evolve into a heart based on osmanthus, a white flower with an exotic, slightly apricot scent. Finally, its composition ends with a gourmet and syrupy breath of vanilla and cocoa.

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