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PerfumeThe Royal Perfume of Elie Saab

The Royal Perfume of Elie Saab


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The Royal Perfume of Elie Saab
The Royal Perfume of Elie Saab

Le Parfum Royal: Elie Saab restores the nobility of its fragrance

Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer who has always been fascinated by femininity. He confides that he “seeks beauty above all, before fashion, before trends. The woman is the first of my inspirations, ”he explains. It is therefore while thinking of his natural aura that he developed his first perfume, in 2011: Le Parfum Elie Saab . If this essence is relatively recent in the history of perfumery, it already has many variations, like an Eau de Toilette, an Intense Eau de Perfume, an Eau Couture, or others. editions such as Resort Collection, Rose Couture, Nuit Noor, Eclat d’Or or recently Elie Saab In White. History repeating itself once again, Elie Saab presents his latest fragrance: Le Parfum Royal.

Le Parfum Royal, the essence of a strong and sunny woman

Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume is intended for all the strong and powerful women of our time. Indeed, it is inspired by the previous Elie Saab Perfume while adding two major ingredients, here playing in overdose. First of all, patchouli gives structure to the whole, and highlights the natural strength of femininity. It is associated with an orange blossom that is more solar and airy. This plant, far from having been chosen at random, reveals the natural aura of women. In the background, other ingredients also amplify all the depth and subtlety of this creation.

Pub Le Parfum Royal by Elie Saab
Pub Le Parfum Royal by Elie Saab

Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume begins with the tangy freshness of mandarin. Her heart, meanwhile, is more feminine and floral. It contains in particular Turkish rose and Lebanese neroli, something to recall the origins of Elie Saab. The patchouli in the base notes of Parfum Elie Saab, meanwhile, is softened with sandalwood, amber and vanilla. This composition is signed by the perfumer Maïa Lernout.

This perfectly structured recipe highlights all the know-how of designer Elie Saab as well as his love for his country. The oriental ingredients are numerous, while being combined with a typically Western know-how. Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume thus has a universal scope and is aimed at all ambitious women, who are not afraid to pursue their dream, across borders.

Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume, more than a bottle, a jewel

Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume is presented to us in a beautiful bottle, perfectly reflecting Elie Saab’s passion for design and architecture. Its glass bottle preserves the shape of its predecessors, multiplying the play of light through its sculpted walls. All in transparency, this beautiful object is both sensual and generous. He has in him the rigor of a cube, while being much more elaborate and worked. Thus, it perfectly matches the shape of the female hand. For the occasion, Elie Saab’s Royal Perfume bottle is decorated with a coat of arms, as if proudly wearing his family’s armories. Its emerald green color, for its part, only amplifies its noble and elegant appearance. Finally, note that a solar and luxurious touch is brought to the level of its collar, subtly decorated with a golden lacquer.

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