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Jean Paul GaultierThe return of the male fragrance Boule à Neige...

The return of the male fragrance Boule à Neige 2019 edition by Gaultier


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The return of the male fragrance Boule à Neige 2019 edition by Jean-Paul Gaultier
The return of the male fragrance Boule à Neige 2019 edition by Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Snow Globe Male, the new Christmas edition of Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Christmas holidays are fast approaching and it is high time to start thinking about the gifts that you can give to those around you … However, perfume remains a gift of choice that always appeals to the greatest number. The most famous brands have understood this and are reinterpreting their most beautiful perfume to make limited editions. In this context, with creativity and audacity, Jean-Paul Gaultier and just after the release of his latest perfume “le Beau” de Gaultier , the brand invites us to rediscover its best-seller. Focus on Le Mâle Edition Boule à Neige, a great masculine fragrance decorated with the spirit of Christmas!

Christmas as a source of inspiration by Jean-Paul Gaultier

the new fragrance Le Mâle Edition Boule à Neige is presented to us through an original advertisement. The creator’s factory is transformed this time into a ski resort. The Male Snowball Edition takes a chairlift and doesn’t hesitate to hurtle down the slope at high speed! The magic operates and immediately transports us to the heart of the mountains. However, it is precisely this magic of Christmas that can be found right in its bottle. The bottle of the Male by Jean-Paul Gaultieris immediately identifiable. This scent retains its original form of a male bust. However, its colors have been completely redesigned. The blue sailor top of yesteryear has disappeared, in favor of white lacquering covered with red stripes. For a bit, and it looks like Santa Claus has started weight training to find a dream body! A scarf is also attached to his neck to prevent this handsome man from catching cold! The rest of the packaging is also beautiful: The Male Snowball Edition rests on a round and red base. It is surmounted by a glass bell that you only need to shake to see a multitude of small flakes spreading there. More than ever, Le Mâle Edition Boule à Neige is imbued with magic and poetry. It appeals to your child’s soul!

The Male Snow Globe Edition retains its old recipe

Don’t we say that you shouldn’t trust appearances? Indeed, if Le Mâle Edition Boule à Neige totally changes allure, its recipe of yesteryear remains unchanged. Its scent is that of the Male from 1995, designed by Francis Kurkdjian. Inspired by barber’s soaps of yesteryear, Le Mâle Edition Boule à Neige smells of lavender and has a little retro flair. Its freshness also comes from bergamot, mint and cardamom. Its heart, meanwhile, warms with cumin, orange blossom and cinnamon. Finally, at its core, everything is masculinity. The Male Snowball Edition contains sandalwood, amber and cedar. Tonka bean and vanilla still envelop the whole and give it more sensuality and softness.

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