BrandThe Rem de Réminiscence perfume

The Rem de Réminiscence perfume


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The Rem de Réminiscence perfume
The Rem de Réminiscence perfume

Rem de Réminiscence, a call to travel to the heart of the seabed

The Rem de Réminiscence perfume is an invitation for an imaginary journey to the seabed. Rem is intended to take you to the end of the world through a mysterious and sensual olfactory journey. Nourished by the research of materials associated with an artisanal aesthetic, the REM style is the result of a skilful composition and provides us with a deliciously unique signature. It is at the crossroads between glamor, modernity and nostalgia. In addition, it is perfect for all styles of women. Whether you are more femme fatale, glamorous chic, sentimental, secretive or even rock and roll … as long as you love the holidays, you will find yourself there!

Back to Rem’s story

Before being a perfume, Rem is above all a mixture of memories. Nino Amaddeo, creator with Zoé Coste of the Réminiscence house, tells us that the sea has always been for him and his companion a magnificent source of inspiration. Moreover, if you had not noticed it, you will notice that Rem is none other than the anagram of the word Mer. 60, their character is often greatly inspired by Juan-les-Pins, where the creator is based. However, the Rem fragrance was born from a stay in Saint-Barthélemy. But behind the poetry, it is an anecdote that is at the origin of its creation. Arrived in Saint-Barthélémy without any sun protection in his suitcase, the perfumer rushed into the first local bazaar to buy a solar amber. And this is where the olfactory love at first sight appeared. It was after this that he decided to imagine “the smell of vacation”. After about twenty tests, he was convinced of its composition and success was at the rendezvous.

Reminiscence and its simple olfactory pyramid

In order to transcribe this smell of the holidays that we all know, this perfume had to have a simple olfactory composition. It was produced with the help of Francis Camail, nose at Robertet, the Grasse perfume house. Also, the latter worked around fresh notes, at the same time floral, aniseed and marine. So he didn’t hesitate to mix genres. Rem offers us sweet accords of sun-drenched island flowers, hot sand and iodine. Also, amber is associated with musk and instantly raises our emotion and the scented accords are intensified. The eau de parfum reveals a heart where the rose has asserted itself alongside jasmine. The background, on the other hand, is more oriental and heady. Its wake is woody and amber and all the generosity of Rem is reflected in its vanilla accords,

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