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Beauty CareThe Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel Clarins solution...

The Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel Clarins solution to help young skin


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The Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel Clarins solution to help young skin
The Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel Clarins solution to help young skin

Clarins Radiance Day Cleansing Gel, for young and luminous skin

Since its creation in 1954, Clarins has based its development on respect for man and nature. Its ambition is to make the world more beautiful and to use the best natural benefits in the service of your skin. Thus, each of these formulas acts effectively while caring for your skin gently. With its Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel, Clarins is aimed at all people with sensitive skin. This vitalizing treatment benefits from all of Clarins’ know-how in aromatherapy. It is a compendium of dynamism to offer your skin on a daily basis.

The Radiance Cleansing Gel of the Day, a cleansing base

Depending on the geographical area where you are, the water can be more or less calcareous. However, its hardness can have consequences on your skin. This usually results in tight skin, redness, coarser hair and a duller complexion. This finding is especially true for all people with fragile skin. This is particularly unpleasant, and it is precisely to bring you more comfort that the Clarins Radiance Cleansing Gel has been designed. This washing base reduces the drying effects of hard water. This gel takes the form of a creamy foam on contact with water. It gently removes all makeup residue and small impurities. Despite its effectiveness, it is very respectful of the most fragile skin. It leaves in its path a perfectly clean and fresh skin. As a result, your face appears clearer and brighter.

Moringa at the heart of the Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel formula

This efficiency is linked to a combination of several ingredients. However, moringa is the star of this product. In India, it is called “the tree of miracles”. In Africa, it is nicknamed “the tree that never dies”. Moringa is famous for its nutritional and medicinal properties. It was once used to clarify and purify the exodus from the rivers. Today, it is used in cosmetics to rid the skin of pollution particles. It is therefore the main agent responsible for the purity provided by Clarins Radiance Cleansing Gel .

Daily use of the Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel

As the Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel is a very gentle product, it can be used perfectly on the skin on a daily basis. It is applied morning and evening, and thus rids the epidermis of impurities. To do this, you just need to take a small amount and lather it in contact with your wet face. On the other hand, the Radiance of the Day Cleansing Gel does not clean the eye area. So avoid the area around your eyes when applying it. After having properly massaged your skin, rinse the product thoroughly with cool water. This will wake up your epidermis and tighten your skin pores.

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